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Thursday, 24 March 2016

March 24, 2016

How To Make A Hologram Projector With Your Phone

Holograms are among the best things we've ever made. They help us project real-like objects residing miles away. They help us bring our digital reality into 3D. And now we can even touch them. But have you ever experienced a meet with holograms? No yet? Sit back and get ready to be amazed! Because I've got something that can help you create holograms with your smartphones. With just a CD case and a little tape you'll be playing with holograms like a superhero.

How To Make A Hologram Projector

Objects You'll Need

  1. Transparent CD case
  2. Sticky tape
  3. Graph paper
  4. Sharp Cutter/Knife/Blade


    1. Cut a trapezium out of the graph paper of dimensions; 1 cm on one side, 6 cm on the opposite parallel side and 3 cm on the adjoining sides.
How to make a hologram projector
    1. Keep this extract of graph paper on the CD case and cut a trapezium of same dimensions.
    2. Using this trapezium cut three more trapeziums of the same size.

  1. Join the four trapeziums, cut out of the transparent CD case, so that they make a pyramid. Use the sticky tape to keep them together.

Your hologram device is ready now! To view holograms, just keep the device on your smartphone's screen, with the closed site of the pyramid on the screen.

The transparent plastic of the CD case is reflexive-enough to reflect the light of the screen making an illusion of 3D object. The transparent plastic also allows you to see through it, adding your vision to the illusion. The hologram can be seen from any part of the room. This further increases the illusion.
March 24, 2016

Create A Free Website Without Any Coding Skills

Web is no longer just a park for large organizations. Anyone can create a website to use for whatever they want. Individuals are creating websites for various purposes and earning huge amount of money from ads. It doesn't require high tech gadgets or hundereds of bucks. You just need a working brain and a little motivation to leave a mark on the web.

Create Free Website Using Any Device Without Any Coding Skills
"I don't have a PC", "I have a low-end device", "I don't have much money", "I can't pay the money required", "I don't have much programming knowledge". Just keep all these excuses aside and follow this post. You can make a site without any PC, money and programming knowledge.

Create A Free Website Without Any Coding Skills, Using Any Device

There are many types of sites; downloading sites, e-commerce sites, blogs, discussion boards (forums) etc. For an organisation or group, it is okay to manually code a site. But an individual should use a ready-made script for his/her site. Using a ready-made script saves time and user can focus on the content. It is better for an individual to have a blog than any other type of site. Blogging helps him/her to share his/her thoughts and ideas with others. If done properly, blogging can become a nice source of income.
WordPress is the number one ready-made blogging software available right now. It has thousands of plugins to do all types of modifications. Almost all top blogs use WordPress. Tech Crunch and Mashable are examples. So we are going to use WordPress for our new site.
I am going to tell you how to
  1. Create a blog on
  2. Create your own site and install WordPress blog

1. Create A Blog On

    1. Go to Click on "Create website"
    2. On the next page enter the desired name (URL) of the site and click on Create your site and continue.
Your site will be accessable at
  1. Now you will be asked to enter your Username, Email address and password. Fill these details and click on Next step.
  2. On the next page you will be asked to find an optional custom domain name, i.e; This feature requires money, so click on No thanks to continue.
  3. On the next page you will be asked to choose a theme for your blog. Choose a theme that suits your need. You can change it at anytime.
  4. On the next page you will be asked to choose a plan that suits your need. Since you are building a free site, choose the first plan by clicking on Select free.
That's it! You have successfully created your blog. Now confirm your Email and start posting.

2. Create A Site And Install WordPress

Hosting WhatsApp on your own server gives you more customization options. It gives full access to source code, allows you to park a custom domain name and much more. There are thousands of hosting service providers available. and are the two most popular hosting providers. But we will be using a free hosting provider for this pupose, Follow these steps to create a site and install WordPress on it;
    1. Go to Click on Sign up, fill all the necessary details in the form and Submit. Confirm your email address and your account will be ready.
    2. After logging in to your just-created account click on Hosting > Add new (to add a new site). Fill in the desired domain name. You will get a domain name as You can also use your own custom domain name like and, if you have registered it somewhere. Submit this name and fill in password and other necessary details.
Your site will be created and will be accessable at your domain name. We will now install WordPress on the site.
  1. Go to Hosting and press Switch button, infront of the site we have just created.
  2. Click on Auto Installer and select WordPress. Fill Admin details and submit the details.
That's It! You have successfully set up a WordPress site. Now you can start posting on your blog.
Comment below and let me and others know which hosting providers you are using (if any)./strong
March 24, 2016

How Apps Work - Part 1

We use Apps in our daily life for almost everything. We have Health Apps, we have Educational Apps, we have Apps for shopping, we have Apps for business, we have Apps for Entertainment. In short we have Apps for everything. Have you ever wondered what these unique type of files, Apps are? If yes then this is the right post for you. Today I am going to tell you how Apps work and what makes them work.

Lets start our journey, going step by step;

App is an archive (package)

Basically an archive is a package of files (and folders) that is portable. The most common archive type is .zip. Files and folders can be packed in a ZIP and then can be uploaded, downloaded, moved or burned as a file. If a ZIP reader is installed on a computer, its user can open ZIP archives as folder and then can unpack aswell.
An App is also an archive but the extension of App might not be .zip. There are numerous raw files inside an App archive, most of which are compiled programming files. There might be some images and other files too. But the most important file that's necessary for an App archive to have is MANIFEST file which is located in the META folder, inside the archive.

How A Device Recognizes An App

There is always a reserved file type in the filesystem of a device which is treated as an App. For example, Android has a default App extension as .apk. All the files with .apk.apk? In such a case the system will treat this file as an app and will try to open it. But system will get no information about what type of app it is and what to do with it. Hence, an "Invalid App" error will be generated. But why an error? Why not a blank App? Lets see;
As I've said above, MANIFEST is the most important file inside the App archive. When an app is invoked (opened/runned), system gets all its information from the MANIFEST. It tells system what to do with the app and how to do it. If there isn't any MANIFEST file inside the archive or if the information inside the MANIFEST is inappropriate, app will give out an error. So, when the extension of a non-app file is changed to app-type extension, system will not get enough information and an error will pop up.

As said above, most of the files inside the app archive are programming files. These programming files are programmed to work together and make the app run perfectly. But how an app starts? How all the programming files work in co-operation? The author of the app writes in MANIFEST which programming file to call first (as soon as the app starts). This file calls all the other files, when required.

In A Nutshell (How Apps Work - Part 1)

    1. An App is an archive (a portable folder)
    2. An App archive contains all the files required for the app.
    3. An App archive contains a MANIFEST file which contains all the information of the App. This file tells the device how to work with this file.
    4. The MANIFEST tells device which programming file to open first. This programming file manages all the other files.

I will try to write more about Apps and their modifications in newer posts.
Please comment below and let me know how am I doing.
March 24, 2016

Change Font Style Of Any Java App

You can change font style of any java application directly from your mobile phone. But you can only change fonts to bold or italics. You can't use your own font face.

Tools required

  1. BlueFTP Download
  2. Bytecode editor Download
  3. Opera Mini Mod Download
  4. Fonts class files Download
  5. A Brain


    1. Download and Unpack the desired application in a new folder.

    1. Open Bytecode editor and go to the folder where you have unpacked the application.

    1. Press Options > Search and type javax/microedition/lcdui/Font (without quotes (" and "))

Some class files will pop up.
    1. Open one class file, select search and type javax/microedition/lcdui/Font/getFont
Some methods will pop up.
    1. Open all methods one by one, press # three time. Press 7 and replace javax/microedition/lcdui/Font/getFont with asad/Font/getFont. Press back and click on save. Do the same with all class files that appeared.

    1. Close Bytecode editor, open BlueFTP and Unpack all content of file (that you have downloaded from here) in the same folder where you have unpacked your application.

    1. Open Opera Mini Mod. Press Menu > File Manager, go to the folder where you have unpacked your application. Open "asad.ini" file by pressing Options > Open > Text/ISO. Press OK and put 1 infront of FontStyle for bold font and 2 for italics fonts. Press OK and save the file by pressing Options > Save.

  1. Repack all the content of the folder where you have unpacked your applications.

Thats all. Now you can enjoy your application with customized fonts.

Notes :
    1. Allow applications whenever they ask for data read/write permission.

    1. Donot rename any file from the folder where you have unpacked the application. This may result in annoying errors like "Application Error".

  1. Use the names and search keywords as I said, they are case sensitive. For Example javax is not same as Javax or JavaX and asad/Font/getFont is not same as Asad/Font/getFont. So you should not put capital letters instead of small and small letters instead of capital. Doing this may again result in annoying alerts like "Application Error".
March 24, 2016

SVG Animations: Create And Play On Any Phone

3D Scalable Vector Graphics
You can play .svg files on any phone, even on your Nokia s40 phone. That means you can create and play images and high quality animations on your mobile itself.

What is SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. With the help of Scalable Vector Graphics you can create graphics (images) by only writing some simple codes. SVG and flash are similar but SVG is better. In case of Flash we have to compile the code but for SVG there's no need of compiling, just write and run. SVG is light-weight and easy to learn and write. You can learn SVG on

How to create SVG files on Nokia s40 mobile phones?

You can create SVG files easily on your mobile phone by following these steps;
    1. Learn SVG from

    1. Open Opera Mini Mod, Go to Menu > File Manager and choose any folder where you want to save the file.

    1. Press Menu > Operations > New File. Give any name to the file but put .svg at the end of the file name.

    1. Highlight this file (hold on the file name, if you are using a touch phone) and Press Menu > Open > Text/ UTF.

File will be opened as blank page.
    1. Press Menu > Edit > Text:Page or Text:All.

  1. Write all the SVG code and save it.
Exit Opera Mini Mod, go to the SVG file and open the file. You'll see what you've tried to draw (by coding).

Here is a sample code. In this animation a rectangle will increase in size repeatedly for 20 seconds. Press "Left" key 2 times to make it visible You can download the code from below.

<svg author="Asad" version="1.0.0"
viewBox="0 0 240 40" width="240"
<rect id="rec" x="30" y="10"
height="10" style="fill:lime">
<animate attributeName="x"
begin="0s" dur="20s" fill="freeze"
from="300" to="0"/>
<animate attributeName="y"
begin="0s" dur="20s" fill="freeze"
from="100" to="0"/>
begin="0s" dur="20s" fill="freeze"
from="300" to="800"/>
begin="0s" dur="20s" fill="freeze"
from="100" to="300"/>
from="#000000" to="#ff20ff" begin="2s"
dur="20s" fill="freeze"/>

Download: asad.svg.txt
Remove .txt from the end.
Comment below if there is something is wrong in this tutorial or if you have any doubt. Please share your ideas about this blog.0
March 24, 2016

Unlock Security Keyguard Of Any Nokia S40 Phone Without PC

Nokia phones have a password tries limit. You can try upto 5 times. When this limit is crossed, your phone will be locked. If you remember your password, you need not worry. But when your phone is in someone else' hands, they would most probably would try to unlock the phone, guessing different strings. So, your phone might get locked and even the correct password wont work. Follow these steps to unlock your phone without using a PC.

Nokia Phones are programmed with an emergency number [112,911] and these numbers can be dialed without a SIM card.
Please follow these instructions carefully or you will end up with a deadphone.

    1. Get a phone of the same make & model e.g Nokia 2700c & 2700c not 2700c & 5130.

    1. Ask your friend to change his security code to default i.e 12345 and Goto settings > phone sttings or device settings disable all security and keyguard functions on your friends phone.

    1. Backup your friend's phone settings to memory card (Go to Settings > Sync and backup > Backup).

A folder "backup files" and a file, "Backup000.NBF" in this folder will be created.

The Action Part

    1. On your locked phone dial 112 or 119. (But pay attention) within 3-5 seconds, while on dial window press the RSK to terminate the call and quickly press your menu button if you did it in right time, it will take you to the main menu of your phone while it is still locked. Continue dialing and pressing the RSK and the navigation keys on your phone till you access settings. Continue the process till you turn off the key guard lock.

Now your phone is temporarily unlocked. Don't press the red key
    1. Go to bluetooth and switch on your phone's bluetooth.

  1. Send the backup settings (created in step 2) from your friend's phone and locate your recieved file. You will see "Backup000.NBF" on your phone click on restore.
Your phone will copy your friend's phone's backup to your phone and your phone will be unlock.

Please comment below if you have any doubt.
March 24, 2016

Install Discuz! Forum Platform From Any Device

International Discuz


There are hundereds of forum softwares available today but the one I like the most is Discuz! X. It's originally a chinese forum platform, owned and managed by Comsenz Inc. It doesn't have an official English or multilingual version but there is an unofficial multilingual revision developed by a Russian programmer, Valery Votintsev aka "vot". All the official chinese versions are translated into English and other languages by vot and other translators. So, today on DNHacks, I am going to tell you how to install a Discuz! X forum platform but before that let me share some of its unique features.


    1. Mobile Template: One of its most impressive features is the default mobile template. It is simple but fully functional. When this feature is turned on, mobile users will be automatically redirected to the mobile view.

    1. User-friendly interface: I have tried almost all popular forum platforms but found Discuz the most friendly one. It has a light yet functional Admin Panel. The default theme colour can be changed by the users to browse with their favourite colour.

  1. U Center: Comsenz has a large list of social-networking products and there is a connector which connects all these products - U Center. If you want to use any other Comsenz product, you can sync users' information such as private messages between your Discuz! and the other product.


Installing Discuz is not difficult. Just follow these steps;
    1. Download the latest multilingual version from here: . If you are using a phone, you should save the file to UC Disk of UC Browser.

    1. Create your account on a hosting site, (if you don't know how to do that on a local host). You should go for a cheap hosting like Godaddy. You can also try a free hosting service like Hostinger. I personally use But free hosting service is not recommended as it wont give you all the benifits.

    1. Log in to your host and create a new site. This can be done by simply clicking on "Create new account" or "Add new Site" or something else depending on your host. Choose the plan > Choose whether you want to park your own domain or want to continue with the default one. Fill the details in the form and press "Create".

    1. Click on Switch just below the site you have just created. Then click on Install Website. You will see an upload box. Click on it and choose the file you have downloaded in the Step 1. If you have saved it to the U Disk of UC Browser then choose Upload from UC U-Disk and select the file. Then click on Import.
Discuz will now be installed on your site. You just have to set it up and your site will be ready.
    1. Go to your site and click on Install. Discuz will check some features of your host and will show it. Then click on Continue.

    1. Now Discuz will ask you to choose whether you want to install Discuz with a new U Center or an existing one. It is useful to install with an existing U Center if you have already installed a Comsenz product. But here you are installing a fresh Discuz so, you should choose to install it with a new U Center.

    1. On the next page there will be a form asking for database and Administrator's information. Fill in database host name, username, and password and Administrator's information. To create a database login to C-Panel of your host > Switch the desired site (domain) > Databases > Create new Database.

  1. Click on Install.
That's it! You have successfully installed a Discuz! builtin board. Now you can add sections and forums according to your need.
If you have any doubt about the tutorial or if I am wrong anywhere, please comment below. Create