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Install Discuz! Forum Platform From Any Device

International Discuz


There are hundereds of forum softwares available today but the one I like the most is Discuz! X. It's originally a chinese forum platform, owned and managed by Comsenz Inc. It doesn't have an official English or multilingual version but there is an unofficial multilingual revision developed by a Russian programmer, Valery Votintsev aka "vot". All the official chinese versions are translated into English and other languages by vot and other translators. So, today on DNHacks, I am going to tell you how to install a Discuz! X forum platform but before that let me share some of its unique features.


    1. Mobile Template: One of its most impressive features is the default mobile template. It is simple but fully functional. When this feature is turned on, mobile users will be automatically redirected to the mobile view.

    1. User-friendly interface: I have tried almost all popular forum platforms but found Discuz the most friendly one. It has a light yet functional Admin Panel. The default theme colour can be changed by the users to browse with their favourite colour.

  1. U Center: Comsenz has a large list of social-networking products and there is a connector which connects all these products - U Center. If you want to use any other Comsenz product, you can sync users' information such as private messages between your Discuz! and the other product.


Installing Discuz is not difficult. Just follow these steps;
    1. Download the latest multilingual version from here: . If you are using a phone, you should save the file to UC Disk of UC Browser.

    1. Create your account on a hosting site, (if you don't know how to do that on a local host). You should go for a cheap hosting like Godaddy. You can also try a free hosting service like Hostinger. I personally use But free hosting service is not recommended as it wont give you all the benifits.

    1. Log in to your host and create a new site. This can be done by simply clicking on "Create new account" or "Add new Site" or something else depending on your host. Choose the plan > Choose whether you want to park your own domain or want to continue with the default one. Fill the details in the form and press "Create".

    1. Click on Switch just below the site you have just created. Then click on Install Website. You will see an upload box. Click on it and choose the file you have downloaded in the Step 1. If you have saved it to the U Disk of UC Browser then choose Upload from UC U-Disk and select the file. Then click on Import.
Discuz will now be installed on your site. You just have to set it up and your site will be ready.
    1. Go to your site and click on Install. Discuz will check some features of your host and will show it. Then click on Continue.

    1. Now Discuz will ask you to choose whether you want to install Discuz with a new U Center or an existing one. It is useful to install with an existing U Center if you have already installed a Comsenz product. But here you are installing a fresh Discuz so, you should choose to install it with a new U Center.

    1. On the next page there will be a form asking for database and Administrator's information. Fill in database host name, username, and password and Administrator's information. To create a database login to C-Panel of your host > Switch the desired site (domain) > Databases > Create new Database.

  1. Click on Install.
That's it! You have successfully installed a Discuz! builtin board. Now you can add sections and forums according to your need.
If you have any doubt about the tutorial or if I am wrong anywhere, please comment below. Create
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