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Character Sketch Of Montmorency , Three Men In A Boat


Montmorency is not your ordinary dog. He's the lovable and mischievous companion of J., George, and Harris in the classic novel "Three Men in a Boat" by Jerome K. Jerome. Let's get to know this canine character a bit better:

1. Appearance:

  • Montmorency is a fox-terrier, a small and energetic breed.
  • He's described as having a sharp, intelligent face with bright, expressive eyes.
  • His coat is white with patches of brown, giving him a distinctive look.

2. Personality:

  • Montmorency is full of energy and often gets into comical and sometimes troublesome situations.
  • He's fiercely independent, with a strong sense of adventure.
  • Despite his antics, he's a loyal friend to J., George, and Harris.

3. Adventures:

  • Montmorency joins the three men on their boating trip along the Thames River.
  • He adds humor to their journey by chasing other animals, like swans and cats.
  • Montmorency's encounters with wildlife often lead to chaos and laughter.

4. Symbol of Relief:

  • At times, Montmorency becomes a source of comic relief for the three men when things go wrong on their trip.
  • His reactions to various situations are both endearing and entertaining.

5. The "Doggy" Perspective:

Montmorency's character allows us to see the world through a dog's eyes, reminding us of the simple joys in life.

J,George, and William swear continually Montmorency is always fighting and would fight any other dog anywhere.  

Ironically, the only thing that can make this dog retreat is a cat!  Apart from all this, Montmorency is always the most realistic of the four.

Montmerency is not portrayed as a mere dog.In face, he is treated at par with the human members of the rowing party.He is a fox-terrier who are clever, adventurous and fighters Montmerency does not like cats.

Once he saw a big black cat.He began to run after the poor cat.The cat showed no hurry.It sat down in the middle of the road.

The look of the cat was such that Montmorency had to stop and look back at the cat.After a while,the cat went away.montmorency came back,embarrased.

If anybody now says "cats" to Monmorency,he shrinks and looks up piteously at him as if to say "please don't".

Montmorencyis adventurous.He cannot let any challenge unresponded.Whenever he saw the boiling kettle,it seemed to challenge him.He got an opportunity once to seize it by the spout.

With a loud yelp left the boat and took a round of the island,running and stopping every now and then to bury his nose in cool mud.From that day he began to dread the kettle.

Montmorency is a fighter by nature.At Oxford he had eleven fights on the first day and fourteen on the second.He was so happy that he thought he had gone to heaven..!!!!
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