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Thanks To

Dear Teachers, 

Thanks for constantly encouraging me at every step of the way. You truly did the impossible as We honestly could not imagine having achieved what we did, without your guidance.You all inspired us to be a better person, with every class being so full of love and passion. It’s all those little things you did for us, treating us like we were your very own little son or daughters, scolding us when we did not perform to our potential, laughing with us even though our jokes made no sense, treating us with so much respect, and so so much more. Teacher, you have no idea how much those few months of being your student has impacted my life. We don’t think we will ever meet anyone as selfless, or as impacting as you. This is too short space for me to express how much of a change you have made in us, but we’d like to thank you from the very bottom of my heart, for helping me overcome what I felt was the biggest drawback for us. Not the subject, Teacher, but the perception we had of ourselves.

Yours Students 

And we are also thankful to all the e-portals who helped (directly or indirectly) us to make a better place to read and learn. 

  1. Kendriya Vidyalaya Online   
    kendriya vidyalaya admission 2017-18
  2. National Council Of Educational Research And Training 
    free ncert books in pdf
  3. Meritnation: The Education Site with Study Material
    meritnation free vip login
  4. ExamFear Education
    examfear padheye videos

  6. Khan Academy 

 7.AglaSem cbse notes

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