Best 11 Steps to Achieving a High IELTS Score!

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A student or any kind of person who aspires to go to abroad for pursuing a certain dream must score high in IELTS. Though high IELTS scoring is not a cup of tea for everyone. There are numerous IELTS training centres available where people take admission and attend classes dedicatingly with an expectation to get high scores or high bands in the exam. But, very few of them succeed in achieving good scores due to the strict exam pattern. By joining a good centre for IELTS coaching classes like Shiksha Institute, you can certainly find a right path to step up the ladder of success. Besides joining a good centre for IELTS training, one should also follow some proven tips to improve overall performance in the IELTS exams. In this article, we will discuss top 11 steps to achieve a high IELTS score.

Before we start defining our 11 proven steps to achieve a high score in IELTS exams, let’s talk about this prestigious exam and its different modules.

A Brief Introduction of IELTS and its Modules –

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System is a globally acclaimed test that is being conducted on various locations worldwide every year. Over 3 million students from different nations of the world sit in this exam every year and all of them have different expectations from the IELTS scores. Today, there are numerous IELTS training institutes available that all claim to be the best from all; however, when it comes to score high in this exam, you must choose the best from all. The one that has a proven track record of successful students with high scoring can only be the right destination to register with.

The IELTS exam comprises of 4 modules that include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Each module has individual scoring and by following expert tips, you can ease up your way to score well in all four modules. Now, we will explain all four modules here to give you an understanding of all of them and make you prepared for achieving the high scores.

Listening Test – In listening test, the student’s English listening ability is evaluated. So, while preparing for this exam, it is mandatory for you to work on the English listening materials; so that, you can understand with various vocab and easily give appropriate replies as necessary. For enhancing listening skills, you should listen to various recordings and each recording should be listened till it stops. During this process, your focus should be on the questions related to the played part. Your test will also be based on the recording listening as on the basis of the recording, you will answer the questions. Usually, the recording questions follow the similar information order as in the question paper. By end of the recording, you will be provided some time to answer on the sheet.

Reading Test – Reading is an important part in the IELTS exam as it ensures if the student is proficient enough to read English. So, while preparing, you should start with discovering the key features of the passage like writing style, topic, purpose or message that it intends to give readers. There is no need to get familiar with each and every word in the passage as there will be some time limitation. Usually, reading exam carries some example answer and if this is the case with you, try to learn the reason behind its being right. Though while giving this test, you should give a great emphasis on the instructions given.

Speaking Test – Speaking is another important exam in the IELTS test as it checks the English speaking ability of the student. So, in this exam, we suggest you to not attempt to give a complete speak or speak on a different subject from what you are actually asked for. Just be precise and direct to what you are asked from the examiner and focus on the examiner not the recording device. Rather answering in Yes or No, it would be better to include some more detail to your reply. Moreover, while speaking, you should try to organise your ideas rightly and be on a normal speaking speed.

Writing Test – To check the writing ability, knowledge of grammar, vocab and other important things, writing test is conducted in IELTS exam. There will be one or two topics given to you on which you suppose to write an essay. While writing the essay, you should remember the time constraint. Divide time for both the topics rightly and then, try to write in equal amount on both.
These are four modules of IELTS exam that you must be familiar with. On the basis of your preparation on each module, you will perform in your final IELTS exam. Though to score high, here are top 11 tips that you must keep in mind as it will certainly help you a lot to score high as expected.

11 Tips To Score High In IELTS Exam
       I.            Start the IELTS preparation early. It has to be consistent and frequently monitored. For this purpose, you can take help of an IELTS training centre or any individual trainer.
    II.            Pay much attention to your English grammar knowledge and try to strengthen it by reading grammar books in your regular life.
 III.            Your English practice must include listening, reading, writing and speaking as it will help you to prepare all four modules as discussed earlier.
 IV.            Never ignore any opportunity in which you can speak in English. So, participate in English speaking debates or English essay or story writing events.
    V.            Try to enhance your vocab as much as you can. Though it is a fact that it cannot be enhance instantly, but with your consistent effort, learning and curiosity to add new words in your vocab every day will definitely make your effort fruitful.
 VI.            Make a habit of reading different types of texts in English and they should belong to different genres like culture, sciences, history, management and finance.
VII.            Indulge in group debates or make effort to speak with people who speak in English. It is a great way to practice English speaking. While speaking to different people, you can talk about hobbies, studies, career, dreams, lifestyle, likings or disliking, family etc.
VIII.            Watch documentaries online or on TV and also watch English news daily.
 IX.            Once you have a good basic knowledge of English, you can join any good IELTS institute that will be a great move to enhance your overall learning and expertise.
    X.            In case, you have any doubt on your ability to crack this exam, you should go for demo test and check the feedback from the tutor.
 XI.            Practice regularly and consistently according to the paper patterns on different modules with the guidance of an expert IELTS faculty.
Following these eleven steps, you will certainly succeed in your attempt to gain a good score in IELTS exam.

Author Bio: Aarav Kapoor is Working as Blogger for Shiksha Institute. A famous Institute for Coaching classes,Competitive Exams and IELTS Exams. He has been blogging for several years about the studying abroad and preparation for competitive exams. He is a voracious follower of coaching classes and loves to share his knowledge and learning about it.

What is the Exam Pattern for GATE 2019?

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What is the Exam Pattern for GATE 2019?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or popularly known as GATE 2019 is going to be conducted on 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th of February 2019. This examination is conducted by IIT Madras. It is an online examination with both MCQ and NAT type of questions. It is a 3 hours examination with 65 questions and 100 marks in total. The question paper will carry positive as well as negative marking for each question. You will be able to sit for the examination only if your registration is completed successfully. Qualifying this examination will lead you to study engineering in IITs, NITs, etc., in India. Therefore, it is important to understand the pattern of the examination before giving the exam. Understanding the exam pattern will solve many queries regarding the question paper. So to learn more about the exam pattern you must go through the article and prepare yourself for the examination.

Highlights on GATE Exam Pattern 2019
  • The date of the examination is 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th February 2019.  
  • The duration of the examination is 180 minutes/3 hours.
  • The total number of questions are going to be 180 and the total marks for the examination are going to be 100.
  • The questions for the examination are going to be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and NAT (Numerical Answer Type Questions). The questions in MCQ type questions are going to be objective and the candidates are supposed to choose one correct option out of 4 different options for the correct answer. And to answer the questions with Numerical Answer Type Question the candidates have to enter a number as the correct answer using the mouse and the keyboard.
  • There are three sections in total i.e., General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and Subject.
  • The General Aptitude Section will have 10 questions in total. 5 questions of 1 mark and other 5 questions of 2 marks. 15 marks in total.
  • ⅓ Marks would be deducted from the 1 mark questions if they are attempted incorrectly. ⅔ Marks would be deducted from the 2 marks questions if they are attempted incorrectly. There is no negative marking if any question is left unattempted. Also, there is no negative marking for the questions with Numerical Answer Type Questions.
  • Exam Pattern for GG, XL, and XE is given as follows:
1.      Geology and Geophysics Paper (GG): The question paper will have two parts, Part A and Part B. Part A is compulsory for all. Part B is going to have two sections, Section 1 i.e., Geology and Section 2 i.e., Geophysics. Candidates will have to attempt any one section according to their preference.
2.      Engineering Sciences (XE): The section of Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude is compulsory for all the candidates. Sections A will carry 11 questions which is again a mandatory section. And candidates have to choose any one section from Section B to Section H.
3.      Life Sciences (XL): Section P (Chemistry) is compulsory for all the candidates. It will also carry NAT Questions. Candidates have to choose any one section out of Section Q to Section U.
  • It is compulsory to carry the GATE Admit Card 2019 on the day of the examination; otherwise, you won’t be allowed to give the examination.
  • While you are answering the questions keep checking the clock which will appear on the screen to keep track of the time. 3 hours is the duration of the examination.
  • You can deselect an answer by double-clicking on the option if you haven’t saved the answer. You have to press “Save and Next” after attempting each question. You can also press “Mark for Review and Next” to cross check the answer before submitting the Answer Sheet. All the candidates would be provided a writing pad to do the rough work.

To know anything more about the exam you can write it to us in the comment box which is provided below.

Three Men in a Boat Ch 5 Hindi पाठ 5 का सार Class 9th

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मिसेज पोप्पेट्स ने उन्हें 9:00 बजे जगाया और वे एक दूसरे को सुबह 6:30 बजे नहीं जागने के लिए दोष देना शुरू कर दिया। हैरिस और जिम ने जॉर्ज को बिस्तर से बाहर खिंच कर बाथ टब में गिर दिया और उसे ख्याल नहीं रखने का आरोप लगाया। मोंटमोरेन्सी दरवाजे पर दो कुत्तों के साथ लड़ रहा था। दोनों कुत्तों को एक छतरी के द्वारा भगा दिया गया। जॉर्ज ने नाश्ते के समय मौसम का पूर्वानुमान पढ़ा । जिम ने कहा कि मौसम पूर्वानुमान धोखाधड़ी है । जिम ने याद किया कि मौसम उनलोगों का दिन बर्बाद कर दिया था।

वे बाहर टैक्सी के लिए इंतजार कर रहे थे। उनके ग्रॉसर बिग का लड़का सबसे पहले उनके सामान के पास आकर रुक गया। एक अन्य लड़का और बूट की दुकान से एक युवा सज्जन वहाँ पहुँच गए । जल्द ही, बहुत से लोग आसपास एकत्र हो गए क्योंकि वे बहुत सामान ले जा रहे थे। लोगों ने अनुमान लगाया कि वहाँ एक अंतिम संस्कार या शादी हो सकती है। आखिर में एक टैक्सी आया और वे 11:00 बजे वाटरलू स्टेशन पर पहुँचे ।
कोई नहीं जानता था कि किंग्स्टन के लिए 11:05 ट्रेन कहाँ से शुरू होती है । उन्होंने कुलियों, स्टेशन मास्टर, यातायात अधीक्षक और अधिकारियों से प्लेटफार्म नंबर के बारे में पूछा पर सभी से विरोधाभासी जवाब मिला। उन्होंने इंजन चालक को ग्यारह पांच ट्रेन होने के लिए आधा सेंट रिश्वत दी । अंत में, वे किंग्स्टन लंदन और साउथ-वेस्टर्न रेलवे द्वारा पहुंचे। बाद में उन्हें पता चला कि जिस ट्रेन से वे आये थे वास्तव में वह ट्रेन एक्सेटर मेल था और यात्री घंटे भर उस ट्रेन को ढूंढ रहे थे। उनका नाव किंग्स्टन पर उनके लिए इंतजार कर रहा था। वे नाव में बैठें । हैरिस चप्पू पर बैठा, जिम ने नियंत्रक रस्सियों को पकड़ा और मोंटमोरेन्सी नाव के अभाग्र में बैठा। वे नाव पर बैठकर पानी में चल दिए ।

Classroom Program for JEE Main 2019 after 12th for Students in Kota

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JEE Mains one of the prestigious exam and included in the toughest entrance exams in India. For cracking this JEE Main exam 2019 one should have to word-hard and practice a lot for scoring good marks in the exam. Those students who are not able to clear the JEE Main exam 2018 do not have to worry. Just have believed in yourself and study harder to take out the best from yourself.
Cracking the JEE Main Entrance exam is not a big task. Proper study and systematic time schedule to solve all the numerical and the related problem can lead you to the success. For the repeaters, it’s a great opportunity to take Classroom study for JEE Main 2019. Special classroom program is arranged for the students who are already done classroom program.
The repeaters program main aim is to provide the students complete smart study for preparing them for the exam. Best Classroom program for JEE Main students can help them in achieving the great target. Repeaters Classroom program has been successful in achieving the target of clearing the JEE main. A lot of students get success from this classroom program.

Preparation Tips For JEE Main 2019
1. JEE Main Syllabus- Covering the syllabus before time can help you in getting adequate time for studying. The revision will be easily done which is a great process to perform. The revision basically increases the success rates of performance.

2. JEE Main Exam Pattern- The latest exam pattern will help you to analyze the type of questions which have the maximum chances to occur in the exam. The smart study can help you in achieving great targets. Study according to JEE Main exam pattern can provide you with the best results.

3. JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers - Practising more and more question and answers can help in clearing the concepts and related queries. These Classroom Program for JEE Main 2019 are designed by the top faculties which have experienced in designing JEE Main class papers.

4. Coaching Classes- Online Coaching classes are at the boom in delivering best quality education around the globe. This is the best factor in providing the knowledge. Online coaching classes for JEE Main is a very convenient and flexible way to study. It depends upon you at what time schedule you want to study.

5. Group Study- This technique have an instant way to clear your concepts and grab things easily. There is a number of things which you are not aware of and by applying this technique you are able to grab that thing easily and clearly for Engineering Entrance Exams 2019.

6. Follow the Toppers Study Material – Want to study efficiently and crack the exam then the easiest way is to follow the toppers instructions about how to study for JEE Main exam 2019. Experienced people know the way to get success. Taking advises form experienced people can help you in the initialization of important things in one individual life and take your career to the greater heights.  

Avengers Infinity Wars Movie Review

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The fans of Marvel are finally witnessing the biggest battle of all the superheroes they have grown up watching. Each person in the audience has profound memories of their first Marvel movie and this is the day they have been waiting for from last decade. The day when all the Marvel superheroes would be in the same frame on the silver screen. There's not a single fan who doesn't remember the first time they heard the Avengers theme, or Hulk getting angry. Marvel has produced this movie to give its audience an experience of lifetime. Watch your favourite superheroes fight against the greatest evil and save money on your booking through ticketnew movie offers.
From the cinematic universe of Marvel comes the most awaited film of the year - Avengers Infinity War. Huge budget, ensemble star cast, and a huge burden of expectations from all the fans all over the world. Previous Marvel movies were directed by Joss Whedon, a television guy, but with a creative vision to bring the superheroes to life on the screen. Marvel, however, picked the Russo brothers to direct the Infinity Wars movie. Russo brothers too come from a television background and have yet different and unique storytelling style. They have previously directed tv series having ensemble star cast, parallel stories, and maintaining balance between humor and action. This experience have helped them hugely to make Infinity Wars.
Infinity wars is the movie about saving the planet from the most powerful enemy Avengers have ever come across. Thanos, the evil, is on a mission to collect all the six infinity stones which he will then use to lay his twisted will on reality. The Avengers have united to battle against this evil force and save the planet.
Rating - Avengers Infinity Wars has garnered a whopping 9.1 out of 10 ratings on IMDb.
Star Cast - Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Chris Evans as Captain America, Josh Brolin as Thanos, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Tom Holland as Spider man, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, Zoe Saldana as Groot Gamora, Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Vin Diesel as Rocket Raccoon, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer, Paul Bettany as Vision, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, Benedict Wong as Wong.
Director - Anthony Russo and Joe Russo
Film critics are the most important people after audience and also have an impact on the audience from what they say about a film. Therefore, for a film to leave its imprints on the industry and people's mind it is necessary that it gains positive responses. The critic's reviews also have an impact on the film's box office collection. Here are the reviews of Avengers Infinity Wars from some known and trusted reviewers;
The Times of India - TOI's critic Neil Soans has rated this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. According to Times of India The Avengers Infinity War lives upto its hype. The reviewer further mentions, 'Theres barely a dull scene; in fact, MCUs trademark humour is intact and paired with several gut-wrenching moments that will be hard to forget once the credits roll.'
Hindustan Times - Rohan Nahaar from HT rates this movie 4 out of 5 stars. He calls this movie as 'An epic tragedy, God of all Marvel movies'. He writes, 'Despite being more bloated than any other Marvel movie, Infinity Wars strengths lie in the relationships that weve developed, over 10 years, with these characters - and the relationships theyve formed with each other.'
NDTV - Raja Sen from NDTV has given Infinity Wars 2.5/5 stars. He writes, 'Infinity War is positively suffocated with superheroes, and at some point, a point that claims to matter, I lost count.'

Overall, the movie is gaining huge positive reviews and is booming at the box office and it might be well on its way to become the highest grossing movie. The second largest budget movie is definitely living upto its hype and giving the audience what they came for. This movie is a must watch for everyone. Book your tickets and get discount during the ticketnew movie offers.
Avengers Infinity Wars Full Story and Plot
People have already witnessed the glimpses of this movie in the previous every Marvel Superhero movie. Infinity Wars brings all those glimpses together and makes a whole collage of it. Thanos is on his way to acquire all the six infinity stones. He has acquired the power stone from planet Xandar. Thanos and his children intercept a spaceship where Hulk, Loki, and Thor fail to stop him. During the fight Thanos kills Loki and Hulk crashes back into New York city and warns Stephen Strange and Wong about Thanos' plan to destroy the universe.
One of the stones is with Strange - the Time Stone. Vision sacrificies himself by giving the Mind Stone to one of the Avengers. Up in the Sky Guardians of Galaxy respond to the distress on the ship where Thanos has kept Thor and they are on the mission to rescue Thor. Thanos kidnaps Gamora, his adopted daughter, who reveals the location of Soul Stone to save her sister Nebula. Nebula escapes the captivity and asks all the other Avengers to meet on Planet Titan, Thanos' home planet. Strange chooses on of the many futures where Thanos loses. But their plan fails when Quill retaliates and thus breaks the groups hold on Thanos.
Thanos overpowers them and Strange surrenders himself giving the Time Stone. Thanos then departs for Earth. Vision is destroyed twice, once by Maximoff and then by Thanos, who then retrieves the Power Stone. Thor has wounded Thanos to a great extent but he still succeeds in activating the Infinity Gauntlet and teleports away. Slowly the universe starts to disintegrate. Thanos awakens on another planet, some Avengers on Titan, and yet a lot of them are left on Wakandan battlefield. The post-credit scenes show that a distress signal is transmitted by Nick Fury. The signal is of blue, red, and gold Kree Hala Star, which indicates Fury has contacted Carol Danvers.
Avengers Infinity Wars - Direction and Music Review
The movie is directed by the Russo brothers. They have together directed Marvel films including Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. They began their careers from TV direction. Most of their experience comes from direction of sitcoms including Arrested Development and Community. The brothers expertise in handling ensemble cast has definitely showcased on the Infinity Wars which has every superhero. Despite of having the star cast of around 30 they have managed to give each character equal and balanced importance in the movie. They have played a genius game of forming teams of the Avengers so that each character can get a screentime.
The music for Avengers: Infinity Wars is given by Alan Silvestri. It's a symphony-orchestra mixture of winds, strings, and kettledrums. The music gives a good sense of escalation as the superheroes tackle with their enemy. Silvestri is a Oscar-nominated music composer who has composed for The Avengers (2012), Avengers: The Age of Ultron. The focus of this movie is on Thanos and the music is planned that way. The Infinity stones were supposed to have their own musical theme but Silvestri was against this and kept this decision. Silvestri says, "When done right, the music becomes another character in the property."

Box Office Collection Of Avengers: Infinity Wars
The movie released on 28th April, 2018 and has bagged huge positive reviews and ratings along with great box office opening. You can save Huge by using the ticketnew movie offers.
The film has grabbed a huge opening collecting $31 million on first day. The film's box office collection is rising constantly and has reached upto $39 million on day 2. The reviewers have showed a positive faith towards the movie.
The movie has stood to its expectations and will return with a sequel in 2019. Fans are having a good time watching this movie and living the experience. This movie is best viewed on IMAX screens providing 20% more picture than the normal screens. The movie has a lot of characters' performances touching hearts of their fans. This is a must watch movie even if you are not a Marvel or superhero movie fan. Just go and witness the cinematic experience.

Amazon India Forays into New Segment; Launches School Bookstore to Assist Parents and Students

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Targeting the commencement of the new academic session in India, Amazon has just forayed into a brand-new segment of the e-commerce industry. In June 2018, Amazon India brings to its customers a plethora of classroom study material. Serving as a one-stop solution for both employed parents and internet savvy students, Amazon launched the School Bookstore. The section would cater to students from all walks of life and shall comprise guides, textbooks, workbooks as well as study material for countless competitive exams, all of it under a single roof. On exploring further, the customer has to be astonished by the way everything is divided based on different classes, various syllabi, and by plentiful subjects.

The e-commerce behemoth believes with this step that they have taken, the firm will be able to fulfil the overall needs of parents who shop at the online marketplace and also establish a stronger customer base. Over the years, Amazon has been able to figure out the problems faced by parents in sourcing certain textbooks, and hence took this step to ease their headache. What is interesting is that the e-commerce marketplace has also brought up a school-specific bundle of textbooks and notebooks which are by all means approved by the schools teaching faculty exclusively. 

With a heavy downpour of competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and even the Olympiads that take place at the school level, students are left baffled as to where could they but the right study material. Well now they have a great solution- the Amazon School Bookstore provides highly recommended books and guides for these exams and even equips students with previous years as well as sample papers, all of this within clicks. Thus providing students and their parents with the easiest shopping experience. 

In the last few decades, outperforming itself Amazon has proved one of the biggest online marketplaces in the country. With a well-established repute at international shores, it has successfully brought the global market in India and reinforced its place here. Offering the audience with incredible offers and discounts on a wide array of products, Amazon brings its customers some of the greatest deals of the decade. It has made sure it takes advantage of sale festivals in India and designs campaigns in a manner which would bring in miraculous sales. 

In its initial days, it was the electronics segment which made the customers hesitate a little. But with the great hard work put in by the team, they have been able to overcome this barrier to an extent that customers now prefer purchasing the newly launched electronics through such an online platform only.

Going over and analysing the various sectors Amazon has set its foot into, it can be stated that this e-commerce site is leaving no stones unturned to unlock unexplored levels of success and this is a fact that they are being able to taste the success at almost each of their ventures. With targeting the increasing number of the potential customers as well as the large list of satisfied users, it is undoubtedly true that Amazon will be experiencing a peak of success with regards to its profit and customer satisfaction levels. 

Important Tips To Ace Medical Entrance Exams

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Every year lakhs of students passing out of class 12 appear for medical entrance exams, out of which only a few are able to achieve their goal. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test shortly only known as NEET is a medical entrance test conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for aspirants seeking admission to undergraduate BDS & MBBS courses across India.

NEET is one of the most prestigious medical entrance exams in India.  Students who are preparing for NEET 2018 must have a deep analysis of the concepts, lots of focus and expert practical knowledge to score well in the exam. Some important tips to ace medical entrance exam are given in the points mentioned below.

Know the syllabus

NEET is known for its huge syllabus. Students who are aspiring to score good marks in NEET exam must be completely familiar with the NEET syllabus. Knowing the syllabus thoroughly will help students understand the important topics of the exam which will help them to prepare effectively for the exam. Along with the syllabus, students should also know the exam pattern which will make them familiar with the marking scheme and the structure of the exam.

Follow a timetable

Following a timetable is crucial when it comes to competitive exam preparation. After analyzing the syllabus and the exam pattern properly, students are suggested to create a well-structured study timetable and follow it strictly. They should include all the chapters of the NEET syllabus in the timetable and allocate equal time for each of them. Following a timetable brings discipline in a student which lets them prepare in a systematic manner.

NEET preparation books

Books are the most important element while preparing for a competitive exam. Candidates must refer to the NEET study materials which contain the complete syllabus as prescribed by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). The NCERT books are considered the best books for NEET exam. Students can also consult with their mentors or teachers and refer the books they suggest.

Practice question papers

One of the best ways to understand and analyze the nature of an exam is by solving question papers. Solving NEET sample papers and NEET previous year question papers make candidates familiar with the difficulty level of questions, question pattern, and the marking scheme of the test. Candidates are advised to solve sample papers and year wise question papers like NEET 2016 Question Paper, NEET 2017 Question Paper, etc. on a regular basis to score well in the exam. Practicing NEET papers regularly will boost the confidence level of candidates and will help them to crack NEET efficiently.

These were some important tips to ace medical entrance exams. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch engaging video lessons on NEET topics and prepare for the exam more effectively.