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Monday, 15 February 2021

February 15, 2021

Implicit vs Explicit Conversion


Implicit vs Explicit Conversion

As we saw earlier in the video, some data types can be mixed and matched due to implicit conversion. Implicit conversion is where the interpreter helps us out and automatically converts one data type into another, without having to explicitly tell it to do so.

By contrast, explicit conversion is where we manually convert from one data type to another by calling the relevant function for the data type we want to convert to. We used this in our video example when we wanted to print a number alongside some text. Before we could do that, we needed to call the str() function to convert the number into a string. Once the number was explicitly converted to a string, we could join it with the rest of our textual string and print the result.

February 15, 2021

A Note on Syntax and Code Blocks


When writing code, using correct syntax is super important. Even a small typo, like a missing parentheses or an extra comma, can cause a syntax error and the code won't execute at all. Yikes. If your code results in an error or an exception, pay close attention to syntax and watch out for minor mistakes.

If your syntax is correct, but the script has unexpected behavior or output, this may be due to a semantic problem. Remember that syntax is the rules of how code is constructed, while semantics are the overall effect the code has. It is possible to have syntactically correct code that runs successfully, but doesn't do what we want it to do.

When working with the code blocks in exercises for this course, be mindful of syntax errors, along with the overall result of your code. Just because you fixed a syntax error doesn't mean that the code will have the desired effect when it runs! Once you’ve fixed an error in your code, don't forget to submit it to have your work checked.

Thursday, 11 February 2021

February 11, 2021

Describe five importance of directing?

 (1) Through directing, managers not only tell the people what they should do, when they

should do and how they should do, but also see that their instructions are

implemented in proper direction

(2) As the superiors direct the actions of employees towards the predetermined goals, it

results in unity of direction and achievement of organizational goal.

(3) It is well known fact that employees are having lot of individual differences such as

differences in levels of authority, types of job, interest, attitude, aptitude etc. But,

the directing function integrates and co-ordinates the efforts of all the employees in

such a way that every individual effort contributes to the organizational performance.

(4) Through directing, managers not only tell the people what they should do, when they

should do and how they should do, but also see that their instructions are

implemented in proper direction

(5) As the superiors direct the actions of employees towards the predetermined goals, it

results in unity of direction and achievement of organizational goal.

February 11, 2021

Explain the formal communication network?

 It refers to the communication within an organization that is officially sanctioned.


(a) Written and oral. It can be both written or oral. Daily works are handed through

oral communication while the policy matters require written communication.

(b) Formal Relations: This communication is adopted among those employees where

formal relations have been established by the organization. The sender and the

receiver have some sort of organizational relation.

(c) Prescribed path: The communication has to pass through a definite channel while

moving from one person to another For example to convey the feelings of a worker

to the manager, their foreman’s help has to be sought.

(d) Organisational message. This channel is concerned with the authorized organizational

messages only and the personnel messages are out of its jurisdiction

February 11, 2021

Explain the methods of training


Training is imparted to the employees through two methods

On the job method of training: Under this method the trainers are asked to do a particular job on

a machine or inn a workshop. They are taught the techniques of operating a machine or using tools

and equipments by an experienced employee or a special supervision

Main methods of on the job training are:

  • a) Induction training
  • b) Apprenticeship Programme
  • c) Internship training

Off the job method of training : Under this method, training is imparted to the trainees at a

particular place other than the place of work. This training is given in special seminars, classers

etc. During the course of this training, both the theoretical and the practical information is

conveyed to the trainee.

The main method of off the job training is Vestibule Training: Under this method, with a view to imparting

training to new employees, a separate training center is set up. An experienced and trained trainer is

appointed as an in charge of this centre. Machines, tools and other equipments are so arranged in this centre

as to present a look of a workshop

February 11, 2021

Explain the process of selection of employees in an organization


(a) Preliminary Screening: First of all, the applications received during process of recruitment are

scrutinized. Scrutiny of application forms is made to verify whether the candidate fulfill all the

qualifications essential for the job. The preliminary screening is based on (i) preliminary

interview (ii) filling up the blank application form.

(b) Selection Tests In the selection process, selection test have an important place. Through

these test, ability and skill of the candidates are measured. These tests are divided into

following three categories:

i) Proficiency tests ii. Psychological tests iii. Other tests

(c) Employment Interview: Having successfully cleared all the tests related to employment

by the candidate, he is called for the final interview. Its objectives are to see the looks of the

candidate, his way of talking, his conduct and temperament, his interest, presence of mind

and maturity etc.

(d) Reference and Background checks: After a candidate is selected successfully in the

interview then some information about him is gathered from those persons whose name

figures in the column of ‘References”. This information relates to the character, social relation,

background etc. of the candidate.

(e) Selection Decision : Applicants who clear Selection Tests, Employment Interview and

Reference checks are selected. Prior to taking final selection decision, the opinion of the

manager concerned is sought.

f) Medical Examination: Medical examination is done to check whether the candidate is fit to

carry on the responsibilities assigned to him and whether he is physically fir or not. The

selected c

February 11, 2021

Enumerate the three steps of staffing process?

 (i) Estimating the Manpower requirements. As the first step of staffing, the need for required

number of employees of enterprises is estimated. At the time of determining the number of

persons required, the possibilities regarding internal promotion, retirement, and resignation etc.

are taken into consideration.

(ii) Recruitment: The process of recruitment includes the search of the various sources of

employees and encouraging them to send their application to the enterprise.

(iii) Selection.: Under this process, competent applicants are selected from a large number of

them. It is important to keep in mind that the ability of the applicant and the nature of work

must match

February 11, 2021

What are the Features of a good brand name

  • It should be short, easy to pronounce, spell, recognize and remember. 
  • It should suggest the products benefits and qualities.
  • It should be distinctive.
  • t should be adaptable to packaging or labeling requirements.
  • It should be sufficiently versatile to accommodate new products that are added to the product line.
  • It should be capable of being registered and protected legally.
  • It should not get out of date very soon.