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Create A Free Website Without Any Coding Skills

Web is no longer just a park for large organizations. Anyone can create a website to use for whatever they want. Individuals are creating websites for various purposes and earning huge amount of money from ads. It doesn't require high tech gadgets or hundereds of bucks. You just need a working brain and a little motivation to leave a mark on the web.

Create Free Website Using Any Device Without Any Coding Skills
"I don't have a PC", "I have a low-end device", "I don't have much money", "I can't pay the money required", "I don't have much programming knowledge". Just keep all these excuses aside and follow this post. You can make a site without any PC, money and programming knowledge.

Create A Free Website Without Any Coding Skills, Using Any Device

There are many types of sites; downloading sites, e-commerce sites, blogs, discussion boards (forums) etc. For an organisation or group, it is okay to manually code a site. But an individual should use a ready-made script for his/her site. Using a ready-made script saves time and user can focus on the content. It is better for an individual to have a blog than any other type of site. Blogging helps him/her to share his/her thoughts and ideas with others. If done properly, blogging can become a nice source of income.
WordPress is the number one ready-made blogging software available right now. It has thousands of plugins to do all types of modifications. Almost all top blogs use WordPress. Tech Crunch and Mashable are examples. So we are going to use WordPress for our new site.
I am going to tell you how to
  1. Create a blog on
  2. Create your own site and install WordPress blog

1. Create A Blog On

    1. Go to Click on "Create website"
    2. On the next page enter the desired name (URL) of the site and click on Create your site and continue.
Your site will be accessable at
  1. Now you will be asked to enter your Username, Email address and password. Fill these details and click on Next step.
  2. On the next page you will be asked to find an optional custom domain name, i.e; This feature requires money, so click on No thanks to continue.
  3. On the next page you will be asked to choose a theme for your blog. Choose a theme that suits your need. You can change it at anytime.
  4. On the next page you will be asked to choose a plan that suits your need. Since you are building a free site, choose the first plan by clicking on Select free.
That's it! You have successfully created your blog. Now confirm your Email and start posting.

2. Create A Site And Install WordPress

Hosting WhatsApp on your own server gives you more customization options. It gives full access to source code, allows you to park a custom domain name and much more. There are thousands of hosting service providers available. and are the two most popular hosting providers. But we will be using a free hosting provider for this pupose, Follow these steps to create a site and install WordPress on it;
    1. Go to Click on Sign up, fill all the necessary details in the form and Submit. Confirm your email address and your account will be ready.
    2. After logging in to your just-created account click on Hosting > Add new (to add a new site). Fill in the desired domain name. You will get a domain name as You can also use your own custom domain name like and, if you have registered it somewhere. Submit this name and fill in password and other necessary details.
Your site will be created and will be accessable at your domain name. We will now install WordPress on the site.
  1. Go to Hosting and press Switch button, infront of the site we have just created.
  2. Click on Auto Installer and select WordPress. Fill Admin details and submit the details.
That's It! You have successfully set up a WordPress site. Now you can start posting on your blog.
Comment below and let me and others know which hosting providers you are using (if any)./strong
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