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Unlock Security Keyguard Of Any Nokia S40 Phone Without PC

Nokia phones have a password tries limit. You can try upto 5 times. When this limit is crossed, your phone will be locked. If you remember your password, you need not worry. But when your phone is in someone else' hands, they would most probably would try to unlock the phone, guessing different strings. So, your phone might get locked and even the correct password wont work. Follow these steps to unlock your phone without using a PC.

Nokia Phones are programmed with an emergency number [112,911] and these numbers can be dialed without a SIM card.
Please follow these instructions carefully or you will end up with a deadphone.

    1. Get a phone of the same make & model e.g Nokia 2700c & 2700c not 2700c & 5130.

    1. Ask your friend to change his security code to default i.e 12345 and Goto settings > phone sttings or device settings disable all security and keyguard functions on your friends phone.

    1. Backup your friend's phone settings to memory card (Go to Settings > Sync and backup > Backup).

A folder "backup files" and a file, "Backup000.NBF" in this folder will be created.

The Action Part

    1. On your locked phone dial 112 or 119. (But pay attention) within 3-5 seconds, while on dial window press the RSK to terminate the call and quickly press your menu button if you did it in right time, it will take you to the main menu of your phone while it is still locked. Continue dialing and pressing the RSK and the navigation keys on your phone till you access settings. Continue the process till you turn off the key guard lock.

Now your phone is temporarily unlocked. Don't press the red key
    1. Go to bluetooth and switch on your phone's bluetooth.

  1. Send the backup settings (created in step 2) from your friend's phone and locate your recieved file. You will see "Backup000.NBF" on your phone click on restore.
Your phone will copy your friend's phone's backup to your phone and your phone will be unlock.

Please comment below if you have any doubt.
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