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How To Make A Hologram Projector With Your Phone

Holograms are among the best things we've ever made. They help us project real-like objects residing miles away. They help us bring our digital reality into 3D. And now we can even touch them. But have you ever experienced a meet with holograms? No yet? Sit back and get ready to be amazed! Because I've got something that can help you create holograms with your smartphones. With just a CD case and a little tape you'll be playing with holograms like a superhero.

How To Make A Hologram Projector

Objects You'll Need

  1. Transparent CD case
  2. Sticky tape
  3. Graph paper
  4. Sharp Cutter/Knife/Blade


    1. Cut a trapezium out of the graph paper of dimensions; 1 cm on one side, 6 cm on the opposite parallel side and 3 cm on the adjoining sides.
How to make a hologram projector
    1. Keep this extract of graph paper on the CD case and cut a trapezium of same dimensions.
    2. Using this trapezium cut three more trapeziums of the same size.

  1. Join the four trapeziums, cut out of the transparent CD case, so that they make a pyramid. Use the sticky tape to keep them together.

Your hologram device is ready now! To view holograms, just keep the device on your smartphone's screen, with the closed site of the pyramid on the screen.

The transparent plastic of the CD case is reflexive-enough to reflect the light of the screen making an illusion of 3D object. The transparent plastic also allows you to see through it, adding your vision to the illusion. The hologram can be seen from any part of the room. This further increases the illusion.
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