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Change Font Style Of Any Java App

You can change font style of any java application directly from your mobile phone. But you can only change fonts to bold or italics. You can't use your own font face.

Tools required

  1. BlueFTP Download
  2. Bytecode editor Download
  3. Opera Mini Mod Download
  4. Fonts class files Download
  5. A Brain


    1. Download and Unpack the desired application in a new folder.

    1. Open Bytecode editor and go to the folder where you have unpacked the application.

    1. Press Options > Search and type javax/microedition/lcdui/Font (without quotes (" and "))

Some class files will pop up.
    1. Open one class file, select search and type javax/microedition/lcdui/Font/getFont
Some methods will pop up.
    1. Open all methods one by one, press # three time. Press 7 and replace javax/microedition/lcdui/Font/getFont with asad/Font/getFont. Press back and click on save. Do the same with all class files that appeared.

    1. Close Bytecode editor, open BlueFTP and Unpack all content of file (that you have downloaded from here) in the same folder where you have unpacked your application.

    1. Open Opera Mini Mod. Press Menu > File Manager, go to the folder where you have unpacked your application. Open "asad.ini" file by pressing Options > Open > Text/ISO. Press OK and put 1 infront of FontStyle for bold font and 2 for italics fonts. Press OK and save the file by pressing Options > Save.

  1. Repack all the content of the folder where you have unpacked your applications.

Thats all. Now you can enjoy your application with customized fonts.

Notes :
    1. Allow applications whenever they ask for data read/write permission.

    1. Donot rename any file from the folder where you have unpacked the application. This may result in annoying errors like "Application Error".

  1. Use the names and search keywords as I said, they are case sensitive. For Example javax is not same as Javax or JavaX and asad/Font/getFont is not same as Asad/Font/getFont. So you should not put capital letters instead of small and small letters instead of capital. Doing this may again result in annoying alerts like "Application Error".
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