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Explain the methods of training


Training is imparted to the employees through two methods

On the job method of training: Under this method the trainers are asked to do a particular job on

a machine or inn a workshop. They are taught the techniques of operating a machine or using tools

and equipments by an experienced employee or a special supervision

Main methods of on the job training are:

  • a) Induction training
  • b) Apprenticeship Programme
  • c) Internship training

Off the job method of training : Under this method, training is imparted to the trainees at a

particular place other than the place of work. This training is given in special seminars, classers

etc. During the course of this training, both the theoretical and the practical information is

conveyed to the trainee.

The main method of off the job training is Vestibule Training: Under this method, with a view to imparting

training to new employees, a separate training center is set up. An experienced and trained trainer is

appointed as an in charge of this centre. Machines, tools and other equipments are so arranged in this centre

as to present a look of a workshop

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