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Best 11 Steps to Achieving a High IELTS Score!

A student or any kind of person who aspires to go to abroad for pursuing a certain dream must score high in IELTS. Though high IELTS scoring is not a cup of tea for everyone. There are numerous IELTS training centres available where people take admission and attend classes dedicatingly with an expectation to get high scores or high bands in the exam. But, very few of them succeed in achieving good scores due to the strict exam pattern. By joining a good centre for IELTS coaching classes like Shiksha Institute, you can certainly find a right path to step up the ladder of success. Besides joining a good centre for IELTS training, one should also follow some proven tips to improve overall performance in the IELTS exams. In this article, we will discuss top 11 steps to achieve a high IELTS score.

Before we start defining our 11 proven steps to achieve a high score in IELTS exams, let’s talk about this prestigious exam and its different modules.

A Brief Introduction of IELTS and its Modules –

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System is a globally acclaimed test that is being conducted on various locations worldwide every year. Over 3 million students from different nations of the world sit in this exam every year and all of them have different expectations from the IELTS scores. Today, there are numerous IELTS training institutes available that all claim to be the best from all; however, when it comes to score high in this exam, you must choose the best from all. The one that has a proven track record of successful students with high scoring can only be the right destination to register with.

The IELTS exam comprises of 4 modules that include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Each module has individual scoring and by following expert tips, you can ease up your way to score well in all four modules. Now, we will explain all four modules here to give you an understanding of all of them and make you prepared for achieving the high scores.

Listening Test – In listening test, the student’s English listening ability is evaluated. So, while preparing for this exam, it is mandatory for you to work on the English listening materials; so that, you can understand with various vocab and easily give appropriate replies as necessary. For enhancing listening skills, you should listen to various recordings and each recording should be listened till it stops. During this process, your focus should be on the questions related to the played part. Your test will also be based on the recording listening as on the basis of the recording, you will answer the questions. Usually, the recording questions follow the similar information order as in the question paper. By end of the recording, you will be provided some time to answer on the sheet.

Reading Test – Reading is an important part in the IELTS exam as it ensures if the student is proficient enough to read English. So, while preparing, you should start with discovering the key features of the passage like writing style, topic, purpose or message that it intends to give readers. There is no need to get familiar with each and every word in the passage as there will be some time limitation. Usually, reading exam carries some example answer and if this is the case with you, try to learn the reason behind its being right. Though while giving this test, you should give a great emphasis on the instructions given.

Speaking Test – Speaking is another important exam in the IELTS test as it checks the English speaking ability of the student. So, in this exam, we suggest you to not attempt to give a complete speak or speak on a different subject from what you are actually asked for. Just be precise and direct to what you are asked from the examiner and focus on the examiner not the recording device. Rather answering in Yes or No, it would be better to include some more detail to your reply. Moreover, while speaking, you should try to organise your ideas rightly and be on a normal speaking speed.

Writing Test – To check the writing ability, knowledge of grammar, vocab and other important things, writing test is conducted in IELTS exam. There will be one or two topics given to you on which you suppose to write an essay. While writing the essay, you should remember the time constraint. Divide time for both the topics rightly and then, try to write in equal amount on both.
These are four modules of IELTS exam that you must be familiar with. On the basis of your preparation on each module, you will perform in your final IELTS exam. Though to score high, here are top 11 tips that you must keep in mind as it will certainly help you a lot to score high as expected.

11 Tips To Score High In IELTS Exam
       I.            Start the IELTS preparation early. It has to be consistent and frequently monitored. For this purpose, you can take help of an IELTS training centre or any individual trainer.
    II.            Pay much attention to your English grammar knowledge and try to strengthen it by reading grammar books in your regular life.
 III.            Your English practice must include listening, reading, writing and speaking as it will help you to prepare all four modules as discussed earlier.
 IV.            Never ignore any opportunity in which you can speak in English. So, participate in English speaking debates or English essay or story writing events.
    V.            Try to enhance your vocab as much as you can. Though it is a fact that it cannot be enhance instantly, but with your consistent effort, learning and curiosity to add new words in your vocab every day will definitely make your effort fruitful.
 VI.            Make a habit of reading different types of texts in English and they should belong to different genres like culture, sciences, history, management and finance.
VII.            Indulge in group debates or make effort to speak with people who speak in English. It is a great way to practice English speaking. While speaking to different people, you can talk about hobbies, studies, career, dreams, lifestyle, likings or disliking, family etc.
VIII.            Watch documentaries online or on TV and also watch English news daily.
 IX.            Once you have a good basic knowledge of English, you can join any good IELTS institute that will be a great move to enhance your overall learning and expertise.
    X.            In case, you have any doubt on your ability to crack this exam, you should go for demo test and check the feedback from the tutor.
 XI.            Practice regularly and consistently according to the paper patterns on different modules with the guidance of an expert IELTS faculty.
Following these eleven steps, you will certainly succeed in your attempt to gain a good score in IELTS exam.

Author Bio: Aarav Kapoor is Working as Blogger for Shiksha Institute. A famous Institute for Coaching classes,Competitive Exams and IELTS Exams. He has been blogging for several years about the studying abroad and preparation for competitive exams. He is a voracious follower of coaching classes and loves to share his knowledge and learning about it.

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