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WebAssembly, The Binary Format For The Web Is Under Development

Web has become much more than a bunch of HTML sites. With the increaing number of Web Developers, web technology has also developed. Web applications are also being developed the same way we develop regular applications. But unfortunately web hasn't got any core programming languages. JavaScript has unknowingly become the assembly language of web. But it was not made for this pupose, so it cannot perform efficiently.

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and some other companies have tied up to create a new programming language. They call this language "the bytecode of the Web" and have named it WebAssembly. The main purpose of this project is to bring a programming language that could make the web much faster. Mozilla's asm.js has tried to do the same but is not as efficient as WebAssembly. The team is going to utilize asm.js to make the new language.

WebAssembly will help developers to port external codes such as C/C++ to the web. Initailly WebAssembly will be treated as a part of JavaScript but later on both will be seperated.
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