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Alia Bhatt want to play the game of Link-ups with the media

How sweet and gullible the Highway actress Alia Bhatt may look but she can not be easily taken for a ride. 

The pretty actress recently made it clear that she protects her privacy staunchly and added she would rather not talk about it publicly as she is very particular about keeping it private. 

The actress, 23, who is allegedly going around with her debut film co-star, the tall and good looking Sidharth Malhotra said that the present situation is more like a game that she would play with the media. 

The actress who hurt her shoulder during the shoot of her upcoming film Kapoor And Sons in Coonor said that people are so hell-bent on knowing about her personal life but she says she would rather keep mum as she is hardly troubled by what people think. 

Looks as if the ways of the industry have made the girl quite astute.
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