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Basics of Operating System


Operating System

Operating system is a software that controls system’s hardware and interacts with user and application software.

In short, an operating system is computer’s chief control program.

Functions of Operating System

The operating system performs the following functions −

  • It offers a user interface.

  • Loads program into computer’s memory.

  • Coordinates how program works with hardware and other software.

  • Manages how information is stored and retrieved from the disk.

  • Saves contents of file on to disk.

  • Reads contents of file from disk to memory.

  • Sends document to the printer and activates the printer.

  • Provides resources that copy or move data from one document to another, or from one program to another.

  • Allocates RAM among the running programs.

  • Recognizes keystrokes or mouse clicks and displayes characters or graphics on the screen.

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