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What is E-A-T in SEO and how it works: Everything you need to know

As you probably know, Search Engine Optimization is the process of impacting your website's appearance in search engine results pages. In this article, we'll be discussing one step of that process - E-A-T (Exact Match). Let's take a look at how it works, how it relates to SEO, and what can happen if it's not done correctly.

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T is an abbreviation for "Electronic Address Tracking." E-A-T is a technology that helps businesses and individuals track the addresses of those they do business with. This information can be used to improve search engine results, as well as targeted marketing efforts.

How E-A-T Works

When a user visits a website, the site's server will automatically send along their IP address and other identifying information. This data can then be collected by E-A-T software and used to create detailed profiles of each individual visitor. 

This information can be used to improve your website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), as well as provide you with insights into which keywords are most popular on your site and what content is attracting the most traffic. However, if you want to expand your online presence and sell your goods while doing it, you should take advice from Incrementors New Jersey online marketing solutions that can boost a website's online presence while driving traffic to it.

Importance of E-A-T in SEO

If you want your website to appear higher up in search engine results pages, then it is important to use E-A-T technology. By tracking the activities of individual visitors, E-A-T can help you determine which keywords are being searched for on your site as well as which content is driving traffic from Google. Additionally, this data can be used to create better content for your website, which will make it more appealing to potential customers. 

How to Use E-A-T

There is no need to hire a separate company to use E-A-T technology. All you need is an E-A-T account and a web browser. To use E-A-T, simply open your web browser and enter the following address:

How it works

Electronic Address Tracking (E-A-T) is a feature that allows search engines to track the movement of a website’s visitors over time. This information can help search engines understand how people are finding and using your site, and it can help you optimize your site for better results in search engine results pages (SERPs).

To use E-A-T, you need to enable it on your website and then add a tracking pixel to your pages. When a visitor clicks on one of your tracking pixels, the browser will send an event along with the user’s browsing activity data to your server. This data can include the page that was visited, the time of the visit, and other information about the user’s computer or device.

There are several ways to use E-A-T in your SEO strategy. One way is to use it to track which pages are driving traffic back to your site from Google AdWords ads. You can also use E-A-T data to improve your site’s design or content selection based on what visitors are looking for. And finally, you can use E-A-T data to see which keywords are driving traffic to your site from other sites.

Overall, E-A-T is an important tool for improving site performance and understanding how people are interacting with your site. By using E-A-T data in conjunction with other SEO techniques, you can increase traffic and  improve your site’s ranking in the search engines. 

How to enable E-A-T tracking on a website

To enable E-A-T tracking on your website, you need to first create a server-side script that will track page visits. You can use a Google Analytics account to create the script, or you can use a third-party tracking solution like AddThis. Once the script is created, you need to add a tracking pixel to your pages.

How to incorporate tracking pixels into a website

To add a tracking pixel to your website, you first need to identify which pages on your site should be tracked. You can do this by using Google Analytics or by using another tool like AddThis. Once you have identified the pages, you need to add the tracking pixel to those pages.

To add the tracking pixel, you will need the following information:

The URL of the page where the tracking pixel should be added The name of the tracking pixel (optional) The type of data that should be captured by the tracking pixel (optional)

Common mistakes in SEO

E-A-T is an acronym for "Engineering, Analysis, and Testing." It is a standard process in SEO that helps optimize a website for better visibility. E-A-T helps identify issues with the website's structure, content, and on-page optimization.

Structural flaws can negatively affect a website's ranking. For example, improperly defined or missing divisions between pages can make your site appear as one large page to search engines. Inappropriate keyword placement can also hurt your ranking. Placing too many unrelated keywords near one another can confuse users and reduce traffic.

Content quality is also important for improving rank. Poorly written or inaccurate information can hurt your website's credibility and deter potential visitors. Additionally, poor grammar and spelling can lower the quality of your site's content and penalize you in search engine rankings.

An on-page optimization strategy includes proper use of titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags, image alt text, and other elements that help define the content on your website. These elements are used by search engines to index and display your pages in their results pages. Improper use of any of these elements can result in lower rankings for your website.

In order to ensure optimal online visibility for your business, it is important to implement effective SEO techniques such as E-A-T. By taking steps to improve the quality of your website's content and Structure as well as optimizing on-page elements, you will increase the chances of achieving higher  rankings in search engines.


In this article, we are going to discuss e-A-T (or Extended Article Thumbnails) in SEO and how it works. We are going to cover what they are, why you might want them, and the different ways you can get them set up on your website. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how e-A-T works and what benefits they offer your website.

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