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In the fair he wants many things. What are they? Why does he move on without waiting for an answer?


Hey there, fellow young minds! 👋 Today, we're diving into the captivating world of "The Lost Child," a chapter from Class 9 English. We'll explore what the fair has to offer and why our young protagonist moves on without waiting for an answer. Let's make this journey through literature simple, engaging, and super easy to understand.

The Temptations of the Fair:

  1. Toys Galore: At the fair, our little protagonist is surrounded by a dazzling array of toys. Imagine colorful dolls, spinning tops, and whirling kites. It's a kid's dream come true!

  2. Sweets and Treats: The fair tempts with mouthwatering sweets – sugary candies, sticky jalebis, and crispy pakoras. Who can resist these delicious delights?

  3. Sparkling Trinkets: Shiny trinkets and jewelry catch the child's eye. These trinkets twinkle like stars, promising enchantment.

  4. Balloon Sellers: The fair is full of balloon sellers, offering balloons of various shapes and sizes. These balloons symbolize freedom and joy.

Why He Moves On:

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter. Why does the child move on without waiting for an answer? 🤔

The Lost Child is accompanied by his parents, and he wants all these things from the fair. But, as any wise parent would know, fairs can be crowded and chaotic. The child's parents are aware of the crowd, the noise, and the fact that they need to return home. They understand the limitations of their resources and time.

So, they gently guide the child away from the alluring temptations of the fair, knowing that indulging in these desires might lead to them losing track of time and getting separated in the bustling crowd. Their love and concern for the child's safety prompt them to move on without waiting for an answer.


In "The Lost Child," we witness the child's innocent desires and the parents' protective instincts. It's a reminder that sometimes, what we want might not be what's best for us at that moment. The fair may have held many wonders, but the greatest wonder of all was the love and care of the child's parents.

So, dear students, as you read this timeless tale, remember the importance of guidance and the love that parents have for their children. Sometimes, the path they choose for us is the safest and most meaningful one.

Happy reading, and keep exploring the fascinating world of literature! 📚✨

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