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How did the boy try to catch the dragon-fly?


Hey there, fellow explorers of literature! Today, we're delving into the heartwarming tale of 'The Lost Child,' a classic from our Class 9 English curriculum. Join me on a journey through the enchanting world of a young boy's quest to catch a dragonfly, where lessons of life and childhood innocence await.

The Allure of the Dragonfly

We all remember how the boy was enchanted by the mesmerizing dragonflies as he walked with his parents. Their iridescent wings and graceful flight left him spellbound. But it was one daring dragonfly that stole the show, and our little protagonist's heart.

The Pursuit Begins

The boy, with his eyes sparkling and heart racing, decided to catch the elusive dragonfly. Here's how he went about it:

1. The Approach: He began by walking quietly, step by step, inching closer to the dragonfly. Just like a historian examining ancient scrolls, he took his time to get nearer without alarming the delicate creature.

2. The Outstretched Hand: Our young adventurer extended his hand carefully, as if writing a code in computer programming, making sure his movements were precise and controlled. It was a delicate dance, mirroring the precision of a skilled coder.

3. The Chase: As he reached out, the dragonfly, like a digital entity in a video game, darted away. The boy chased it tirelessly, not giving up. His determination mirrored the persistence required in programming when debugging a complex issue.

4. The Final Leap: The boy made one last leap, just as a storyteller builds up to a thrilling climax. His fingers touched the dragonfly's wings, and for a moment, time stood still. It was like finding a key historical artifact that unlocked a hidden part of history.

The Lessons We Can Learn

In this simple yet profound quest, we see a reflection of life itself. The boy's determination teaches us that in both history and life, persistence is key. Just as he never gave up on catching the dragonfly, we should never give up on our dreams and aspirations.


In 'The Lost Child,' we discover that even the smallest of adventures can hold profound lessons. Just like in the world of computer programming, where every code snippet plays a part in the bigger picture, every moment in life has its significance.

So, as we navigate the complexities of our own stories, let's remember the boy who chased a dragonfly, for he reminds us that the pursuit of our dreams is a beautiful and worthwhile journey.

Happy reading, my fellow explorers of literature! 📚🌟

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