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Best YouTube Channels for Class 10 CBSE | Class 10 CBSE 2020-21

 Hello guys, welcome to your own blog. We all know that most of our education has been meeting from online sources during this COVID-19 Pandemic. This online source can be either our school's online class or YouTube. Therefore, In this blog, I will be suggesting some of the best YouTube channels for Class 10 CBSE.

So Let's start.....

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Best YouTube Channels For Class 10 CBSE

There are five main subjects in CBSE Class 10: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Hindi, and English. So, I will suggest you best YouTube channels for class 10 CBSE of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Hindi and English. 

1. VEDANTU 9th & 10:-

I think you all would be known to this channel. Vedantu YouTube channel allows students to learn from their house, which saves their time and energy that can be invested in learning. This channel provides online classes for all subjects.   

According to me, this channel has the best faculty of Physics for class 10 led by Abhishek Sir. The way he teaches is just incredible. He teaches with full energy, enjoyment and entertainment. If you have not studied with him yet, you should take a demo class of him.

Besides all this, it also provides helpful notes and other helpful study materials for our studies. Also, strategic classes like exam writing strategy, pre boards strategy, etc. are held regularly to help students.

So, you should prefer this channel for your board preparation.

VisitVedantu's YouTube Channel


The next youtube channel which I am going to suggest to you is Edumantra. This channel also provides free classes of all subjects for Class 10 students. The main person for this channel is Sanjiv Sir. He is as important as the brain is for humans, C.P.U. for computers and nucleus for cells. This channel has been helping many students since the lockdown. 

Along with this, this channel also provides smart study hacks helpful for students. Sanjiv sir also provides helpful tips and tricks for board exams.

Your preparations would be at the next level if you study from Edumantra.

VisitEdumantra's YouTube Channel


If you have to choose the most emergent youtube channel of 2020 in the education category, it would be Magnet Brains. This channel provides free education classes on YouTube from Class 4th-12th. Since lockdown, it is growing, growing and growing only. You wouldn't believe that channel also provides Sanskrit classes of which other channels don't think even. 

This channel has the best faculty of Social Studies on whole YouTube. Digraj sir teaches S.St on Magnet Brains in a simple way that is easy to understand. So if you would like to take my opinion, it is one of the best youtube channels for class 10 CBSE S.St. 

Also, it has completed its 1 million subscribers last year. Presently, it has nearly 1.5 million subscribers.

So you should visit this channel as it would be helpful in your studies.

VisitMagnet Brains YouTube Channel

4. Physics Wallah Foundation - 9th & 10th:-

After the huge success of Alakh sir on his first channel 'Physics Wallah - Alakh Pandey', he decided to start a channel for 9th & 10th students which launched on 16 December 2020. This channel includes classes of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Social Studies. In a short period of time, this channel gained much popularity among Class 9th & 10th students.

Alakh Pandey sir is as important for studies as Google is for information. He is a true, honest, entertaining and intelligent gentleman who teaches and gives life-changing motivation. 

This channel mainly focuses on Class 9th & 10th's board exams. Therefore you should try this channel.

VisitPhysics Wallah 9th & 10th YouTube Channel

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5. Dear Sir:-

I know you all would be known to this name 'Dear Sir'. Both teachers, one of English and one of Maths, are helping students in every possible way. In the difficult time of lockdown, this channel has helped class 10 by uploading the full chapter series of Maths.

Apart from this, this channel is the best YouTube Channel in providing quality tips and tricks for Maths like square root, fast dividing methods, etc in which our much time is consumed.

Coming to the point of English, it is very helpful for class 10 students as this channel also provides the best concepts for English as Concept is Power 😅. There are full videos of English Grammar in which all topics are covered (some videos may be in parts) like tenses, modals, etc.

So you can prefer this channel for your best Maths & English Grammar preparation.

VisitDear Sir YouTube Channel

6. English Academy:-

If you are in the search of a YouTube channel specially dedicated to English, then I will suggest you this channel. This channel is purely dedicated to English Literature and Grammar only.

Ruchika Mam, the English teacher at English Academy, teaches English Literature Ncert Textbooks of Class 9th, 10th, 11th by word by word explanation.

She also uploads regular videos of English Grammar like determiners, tenses, etc. She explains all these English Grammar topics with simple examples, therefore, making them easy to understand.

According to my, it is the best youtube channel for class 10 CBSE English.

VisitEnglish Academy YouTube Channel

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So these are some of the channels which I suggest you for your studies. I mainly include the best youtube channels for class 10 CBSE Science, Social Studies, English, and Hindi(Magnet Brains). So you have many choices, therefore, you can choose any one of these.

Don't forget to follow our blog, and comment on your favourite channels. Share this post with your friends also. 

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