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My Birthday Party Essay for Kids

Students of primary classes are expected to frame essays in a simple language. Essays are a way to express one’s thoughts and feelings about a certain topic. The above written 10 lines on my birthday party have also been drafted keeping in mind that thought process of a kid.


  • Birthdays are very special and celebrating them has become a part and parcel of our lives.
  • My name is Rohan and my birthday falls on the 21st of March.
  • Every year, I wait eagerly for my birthday.
  • My parents celebrate my birthday with a lot of zeal.
  • All my relatives, friends and neighbours are invited to my birthday party.
  • I get new clothes to wear to my school and for the party on my birthdays.
  • My father, along with my brother, decorate the house with balloons and colourful stickers.
  • My mother makes delicious dishes and sweets for the party. She also buys ice cream and chocolates from the nearby bakery.
  • On my last birthday, my father and mother gifted me a robust red-coloured bicycle. I also received many presents and best wishes from everyone who visited my birthday party.
  • I am fond of my birthdays and I am grateful to my father and mother for celebrating my birthday with so much love and excitement. 
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