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Explain the process of selection of employees in an organization


(a) Preliminary Screening: First of all, the applications received during process of recruitment are

scrutinized. Scrutiny of application forms is made to verify whether the candidate fulfill all the

qualifications essential for the job. The preliminary screening is based on (i) preliminary

interview (ii) filling up the blank application form.

(b) Selection Tests In the selection process, selection test have an important place. Through

these test, ability and skill of the candidates are measured. These tests are divided into

following three categories:

i) Proficiency tests ii. Psychological tests iii. Other tests

(c) Employment Interview: Having successfully cleared all the tests related to employment

by the candidate, he is called for the final interview. Its objectives are to see the looks of the

candidate, his way of talking, his conduct and temperament, his interest, presence of mind

and maturity etc.

(d) Reference and Background checks: After a candidate is selected successfully in the

interview then some information about him is gathered from those persons whose name

figures in the column of ‘References”. This information relates to the character, social relation,

background etc. of the candidate.

(e) Selection Decision : Applicants who clear Selection Tests, Employment Interview and

Reference checks are selected. Prior to taking final selection decision, the opinion of the

manager concerned is sought.

f) Medical Examination: Medical examination is done to check whether the candidate is fit to

carry on the responsibilities assigned to him and whether he is physically fir or not. The

selected c

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