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A Note on Syntax and Code Blocks


When writing code, using correct syntax is super important. Even a small typo, like a missing parentheses or an extra comma, can cause a syntax error and the code won't execute at all. Yikes. If your code results in an error or an exception, pay close attention to syntax and watch out for minor mistakes.

If your syntax is correct, but the script has unexpected behavior or output, this may be due to a semantic problem. Remember that syntax is the rules of how code is constructed, while semantics are the overall effect the code has. It is possible to have syntactically correct code that runs successfully, but doesn't do what we want it to do.

When working with the code blocks in exercises for this course, be mindful of syntax errors, along with the overall result of your code. Just because you fixed a syntax error doesn't mean that the code will have the desired effect when it runs! Once you’ve fixed an error in your code, don't forget to submit it to have your work checked.

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