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Why is JavaScript so popular? What can you do with it?

Why is JavaScript so popular? What can you do with it?

When the Internet spread in the nineties, technology companies struggled to create the most powerful and efficient web browsers on the market. It launched the first "browser war" between Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and Netscape (Netscape Navigator) to establish a partnership for the use of web browsers.

Netscape requires a lightweight scripting language for easy programming that ultimately makes web development more accessible, unlike other languages ​​that require deep language training. In 1995, Netscape employee Brendon Ich was given ten days to help build the company's lightweight scripting language. As a result, Ich created Mocha, which was later renamed JavaScript. The moral of the story - JavaScript was never intended to be the standard language of the web! However, with the victory of the Netscape browser battle, the popularity of JavaScript grew. More and more sites started using JavaScript and most of the developers who did not eventually use JavaScript to create websites.

JavaScript is now an essential web technology supported by major web browsers by the language is extremely important for anyone who wants to be a web developer. Many experts agree that JavaScript will continue to grow as an essential language for web development.

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