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Introduction To Web Development Coursera | Week 6


                            WEEK 6 Quiz module

                        ANSWERS ARE MARKED WITH correct SIGN.

1. Question 1 One of the main features of server side development is



None of these


Databases Correct 

2. Question 2 Which of these is not a client side technology?

PHP Correct 





3. Question 3 What can be said about a while loop? (Select all that apply.)

The perform actions repetitively until complete Correct 

They often use a loop counter Correct 

All of these are correct

They are mainly used for writing vertical text

4. Question 4 When we are working with characters in a string we refer to them by number:

The numbering starts at 1

The numbering starts at 0 Correct 

None of these

The numbering starts at 0, but only in JavaScript

We can start with any number

5. Question 5 What operator do programmers frequently use to add 1 to a variable i?



i + I;

i++; Correct 

i = I + 1;

6. Question 6 In programming languages we will often work with collections of things. Which of the following could be considered a collection? (Select all that apply.)

A form

The elements of a form Correct 

The letters that make up a string Correct 

All of these are correct

A string

7. Question 7 The two most common loops we see in JavaScript are

None of these

for and for each

repeat and go

while and for Correct 

do and while

8. Question 8 What is true about loops in programming languages? (Select all that apply.)

Multiple kinds of loops is a convenience Correct 

For and while loops are the least common

We need many kinds of loops to be effective

We really only need one kind of loop Correct 

9. Question 9 Which of these are recommended to improve your Web development and programming skills? (Select all that apply.)

Imitating other people’s software is a waste of time

It’s best to focus on your code and ignore what others are doing

Imitate other software as a way to learn and practice Correct 

It pays to be curious about other people software and features Correct 

10. Question 10 What is the recommended approach to problems?

Tackle medium and large problems because they build skill faster

Break problems down into their smallest parts Correct 

Avoid problems and move on to something easier.

None of these

11. Question 11 What can we say about continuing to learn about Web development?

Teaching others can lead to them stealing your best ideas

It’s best to work and communicate with others Correct 

It’s best to work alone so you can concentrate

Teaching others is a distraction that limits your learning

12. Question 12 What are the recommendations for working on your final project? (Select all that apply.)

None of these

Think about the purpose of your form before you start Correct 

All of these are true

Start with a very basic CSS file and get that working first Correct 

Avoid starting with a template

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