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Saturday, 20 June 2020

NPTEL Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 1 Solutions & Assignment 1 Answers | Prof. T. Ravichandran IIT Kanpur


NPTEL Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 1 Solutions & Assignment 1 Answers | Prof. T. Ravichandran IIT Kanpur

  1. Identify the most appropriate methods to manage stress.
    a. Developing healthy personal habits such as sleeping early, eating healthy, and exercising
    b. Living seriously; and taking everything of what others say to heart
    c. Maintaining no personal or social life to avoid all kind of emotional commitments
    d. Connecting with the nature by sitting in sunlight, going for walks
    e. Living spontaneously by focusing on the present moment
    f. Planning your work beforehand, budgeting your time and eliminating low value tasks
  2. Identify the examples of the soft skills.
    Conflict resolution skills
    Coin-collecting habit
    Time management
    Plumbing skills
    Communication skills
    Computer skills
  3. Which of the following tips can be used to deal with criticism?
    Listen to comments before responding
    Avoid challenging situations
    Ask questions to seek clarifications to avoid miscommunication
    Refuse to listen to criticism
    Focus on the facts or the points, and not, the tone
    Reflect on the situation
    Ask people to be non-judgemental
    Criticise them back in response
  4. How can one nurture growth mindset?
    Welcome new challenges as opportunities
    Focus on limitations
    Learn from your mistakes
    Accept changes as part of life
    Stop learning after school or college
    Devise new strategies to tackle old problems
    Rigidly hold to your old beliefs
  5. Identify the effects of fixed mindset.
    It inhibits risk-taking
    It causes unhealthy competition
    It provides immediate success
    It leads to a negative self-image
    It leads to healthy competition
    It causes lack of motivation
    It causes a huge amount of interest
    It hampers growth and development
  6. One can strengthen one’s brain muscle by:
    Playing memory games
    Consuming caffeine to stay awake for long
    Trying new hobbies
    Reading more books
    Exercising and eating better
    Sleeping less than four hours a night
    Learning a foreign language
    Watching videos late at night
    Eating junk food with carbonated drinks
  7. Identify the most appropriate ways to deal with failure.
    Take responsibility
    Immerse in guilt
    Practice healthy coping skills
    Avoid thinking about it
    Embrace your emotions
    Avoid unhealthy attempts to reduce pain
    Find the opportunity to grow
  8. Identify the appropriate methods to avoid stereotyping at work place.
    Diversify the members of hiring committee
    Organise workshops to educate employees about how stereotypes affect decisions
    Create an inclusive organisational culture that supports diversity
    Hire employees only from a single community to avoid conflicts
    Maintain silence regarding diversity and do not address the issue of diversity
    Create a more transparent method of hiring and promoting employees
  9. How can you overcome racial stereotypes?
    Develop more awareness about the prevalent stereotypes
    Develop an understanding of the racial stereotypes and use it to manipulate and subjugate others
    Develop alternative thoughts based upon factual information that discounts the stereotypes
    Sneakily incorporate your own beliefs into the prevalent stereotypes in such a manner that nobody can oppose your views
    Engage in honest dialogues and learn about other races through first hand experiences
    Live in accord with prevalent racial stereotypes to avoid initiating a conflict
    Become aware of your inner thoughts and feelings to see how they affect your actions
  10. How can you respond to negative feedback at work place?
    Resign immediately to save your face
    Express gratitude for bringing it to your attention
    Politely disagree to take any feedback
    Delegate your task to other to avoid further negativity
    Immediately take an initiative to correct your mistake
  11. Which of the following is an example of fixed mindset?
    Being constantly engaged in learning new things
    Taking risks and being ready to learn from one’s mistakes
    Changing one’s career at a later stage in life
    Remaining non-negotiable during conflicts
  12. Which of the following is an example of stereotype threat?
    Female students performing better at academics due to the general belief that women are smarter than men
    Black students doing poorly at a test that is deemed to be better suited for white students only
    Male students having a higher score of aptitude test for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) owing to the belief that men at good at STEM
    Men faring well as chefs and cooks in five-star hotels
  13. The following are methods of producing a conducive work environment, EXCEPT:
    Group involvement
    Giving increments
    Negative feedback
    Managerial attention
    Comfortable physical space
  14. Following are the types of non-verbal language, EXCEPT:
  15. Which of the following is NOT a correct example of self-awareness?
    Ability to identify your emotions and feelings
    Being confused by a varied range of emotions
    Ability to understand your coping mechanisms
    Ability to distinguish your beliefs from others
    Being aware of your strengths and shortcomings
  16. Self-actualisation, according to Abraham Maslow, implies one’s ability to:
    Fulfil one’s destiny
    Reach one’s innermost potential
    Lead a mediocre and satisfactory life
    Lead others to their true path in life
    Leave behind a legacy
  17. Which of the following is an INCORRECT example of male stereotype?
    Physically strong
    Good at sports
  18. Why does being like a baby help to develop growth mindset?
    Because babies naturally receive more opportunities to learn
    Because babies are open to explore without any biases
    Because babies are unmotivated and passive learners
    Because babies are apprehensive about their actions
    Because babies are respectful towards their elders and teachers
  19. Identify the incorrectly matched mindsets.
    Defense mindset: Avoid conflicts
    Offense mindset: Like to dominate
    Scarcity mindset: Abundance of resources
    Growth mindset: Open to change and growth
    Escape mindset: Avoid anything new
  20. How does stereotype threat work?
    By state governed policies
    By using unnecessary quota system
    By societal and parental pressure
    By internalising others’ views on oneself
    By coercion
  21. Stereotype is a reductive, oversimplified opinion that tells you the truth about a particular person or community.
  22. Non-verbal language pertains only to the voluntary aspects of body language.
  23. All human perceptions are similar; and hence, all people perceive the same reality.
  24. People with growth mindsets believe that abilities are fixed and cannot be developed through hard work, good strategies, and mentorship.
  25. Hawthorne study reveals that workers were more responsive to group involvement and managerial attention than to financial incentives.

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