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What is the difference between TCP/IP model and the OSI model?

 Following are the differences between the TCP/IP model and OSI model:

TCP/IP modelOSI model
Full form of TCP is transmission control protocol.Full form of OSI is Open System Interconnection.
TCP/IP has 4 layers.OSI has 7 layers.
TCP/IP is more reliable than the OSI model.OSI model is less reliable as compared to the TCP/IP model.
TCP/IP model uses horizontal approach.OSI model uses vertical approach.
TCP/IP model uses both session and presentation layer in the application layer.OSI Reference model uses separate session and presentation layers.
TCP/IP model developed the protocols first and then model.OSI model developed the model first and then protocols.
In Network layer, TCP/IP model supports only connectionless communication.In the Network layer, the OSI model supports both connection-oriented and connectionless communication.
TCP/IP model is a protocol dependent.OSI model is a protocol independent.
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