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What are the different types of networks?

 Networks can be divided on the basis of area of distribution. For example:

  • PAN (Personal Area Network): Its range limit is up to 10 meters. It is created for personal use. Generally, personal devices are connected to this network. For example computers, telephones, fax, printers, etc.
  • LAN (Local Area Network): It is used for a small geographical location like office, hospital, school, etc.
  • HAN (House Area Network): It is actually a LAN that is used within a house and used to connect homely devices like personal computers, phones, printers, etc.
  • CAN (Campus Area Network): It is a connection of devices within a campus area which links to other departments of the organization within the same campus.
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): It is used to connect the devices which span to large cities like metropolitan cities over a wide geographical area.
  • WAN (Wide Area Network): It is used over a wide geographical location that may range to connect cities and countries.
  • GAN (Global Area Network): It uses satellites to connect devices over global are.
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