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Monday, 23 December 2019

Education has been a pillar of success

NET- National Eligibility Test which is also known as UGC NET, is a test by NET on behalf of United Grants Commission to check the eligibility for university and college level lecturer ship and to gain an award of JRF- Junior Research Fellowship only for Indian nationals. Its main aim is to make sure the minimum standards for entrants in teaching professions and research. This test is mainly conducted to determine the positions of Assistant Professor and so on. Until 2018, Central Board of Secondary Education conducted the NET exam but from December onwards, NTA is conducting the test.
According to the press release, it has been stated that the test will be conducted online instead of an offline mode and from December 2018, NTA would be conducting the twice a year that is in the months of June and December. CBSE used to conduct the NET for 84 subjects at approximately 91 cities which were selected across the country. The awards for JRF and assistant professor depends on the performance of the individual in both the exams of NET and the candidates who get qualified for Assistant Professor will not be considered for the award of JRF. The people who are qualified for Assistant Professor have some rules and regulations for recruitment of the concerned universities or colleges and state governments according to the situation. UGC NET has been an important test since it helps the nation get the right AP’s and JRF’s who will provide knowledge to other individuals. 
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Benefits of Education
For every single thing education is necessary and education helps to earn a living. Therefore education is the start and the ultimate of life. Education is a method of providing learning, or the gain of knowledge, values and beliefs. There are different methods of teaching or learning which includes storytelling, teaching, training and research. Education usually takes place under the guidance of educators. Few people learn on their own too, by watching videos or researching. Education can be formal or informal which means it can either be an organized method or it can be just a parent teaching a child how to eat or stay clean. The method of teaching is called pedagogy. 
Formal education can be divided into preschool, primary, secondary and then it is college and university or apprenticeship. United Nations has recognized the right to education. Thus, in most of the regions they have made education compulsory up to a certain age. The government had declared that children up to the age of 14 years must be given free education (For parents who cannot afford education for their children). This is one of the good things that the government has come up with, since education is necessary for every individual. Education helps people in every step of life. This way people can learn how to be alert and deal with problems in life. 
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Therefore education is very important in every person’s life. Knowledge can help us reach to the top of our dreams. It leads us to the right path and gives us a wonderful life to live. Education makes people’s lives easier and makes them capable of doing creative and new things which will help in improving the living conditions. We should learn throughout our lives and our life Is the process of learning and acquiring knowledge. Education is like the foundation of a building. It is the foundation of a successful future. If a person believes and works towards it he can reach any heights and education is a pillar for this statement. 

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