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Amazon India Forays into New Segment; Launches School Bookstore to Assist Parents and Students

Targeting the commencement of the new academic session in India, Amazon has just forayed into a brand-new segment of the e-commerce industry. In June 2018, Amazon India brings to its customers a plethora of classroom study material. Serving as a one-stop solution for both employed parents and internet savvy students, Amazon launched the School Bookstore. The section would cater to students from all walks of life and shall comprise guides, textbooks, workbooks as well as study material for countless competitive exams, all of it under a single roof. On exploring further, the customer has to be astonished by the way everything is divided based on different classes, various syllabi, and by plentiful subjects.

The e-commerce behemoth believes with this step that they have taken, the firm will be able to fulfil the overall needs of parents who shop at the online marketplace and also establish a stronger customer base. Over the years, Amazon has been able to figure out the problems faced by parents in sourcing certain textbooks, and hence took this step to ease their headache. What is interesting is that the e-commerce marketplace has also brought up a school-specific bundle of textbooks and notebooks which are by all means approved by the schools teaching faculty exclusively. 

With a heavy downpour of competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and even the Olympiads that take place at the school level, students are left baffled as to where could they but the right study material. Well now they have a great solution- the Amazon School Bookstore provides highly recommended books and guides for these exams and even equips students with previous years as well as sample papers, all of this within clicks. Thus providing students and their parents with the easiest shopping experience. 

In the last few decades, outperforming itself Amazon has proved one of the biggest online marketplaces in the country. With a well-established repute at international shores, it has successfully brought the global market in India and reinforced its place here. Offering the audience with incredible offers and discounts on a wide array of products, Amazon brings its customers some of the greatest deals of the decade. It has made sure it takes advantage of sale festivals in India and designs campaigns in a manner which would bring in miraculous sales. 

In its initial days, it was the electronics segment which made the customers hesitate a little. But with the great hard work put in by the team, they have been able to overcome this barrier to an extent that customers now prefer purchasing the newly launched electronics through such an online platform only.

Going over and analysing the various sectors Amazon has set its foot into, it can be stated that this e-commerce site is leaving no stones unturned to unlock unexplored levels of success and this is a fact that they are being able to taste the success at almost each of their ventures. With targeting the increasing number of the potential customers as well as the large list of satisfied users, it is undoubtedly true that Amazon will be experiencing a peak of success with regards to its profit and customer satisfaction levels. 

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