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The effects in the human life of Periodic Table

 The elements of the periodic table are very important in life today, it has helped the scientist to discover many big events. The periodic table helped the scientist to find out what elements humans needed to survive. If we don't know what calcium was, how would we strengthen our bones? What about oxygen, people use this element every day; It is a major element of breathing for us humans. We would not be alive today without discovering all the different types of elements on the periodic table. If we do not know what is necessary for our body to survive, how do we know how we will cure our diseases?

Elements help us discover our resources and what they need. For example, plants and animals need elements to grow. Like chlorine it helps animals digest food and humans, iron helps carry oxygen around the body and magnesium and chlorine to help plants convert the sun's energy into food. The grass has silica which makes it very strong.

There gold and silver which is a big factor of trade, without these two elements you will not have any thing like mining or coins. We will not have money which is sometimes a good thing but it is more difficult than just buying something. Elements have also helped mankind create valuable jewelry and technology.

So without searching for the elements on the periodic table people will not know how to survive, there will be no healthy foods and money will not exist in life.

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