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My Village Essay in English for Kids

 Drafting essays enhances the linguistic skills of students of all ages. It motivates them to write down their thoughts and feelings about that topic. It is a mental exercise that charges up their brain and bestows them with higher levels of creativity in the long run.

When kids write My Village Essay 10 lines, they get to ponder over

the topic. Including the points that have been provided by us in the 10 lines above, kids can get a sound idea on how to frame a good essay on My Village. They can add their own thoughts along with the My Village Essay 100 words.

  • The name of my village is Pakdiyar which falls in the Gopalganj district of Bihar.
  • During the summer and winter vacations, I visit my village.
  • My grandparents live in the village. They like the village more than the city where we stay.
  • My grandparents’ house is one of the biggest pakka houses in the village.
  • My grandfather is the sarpanch of the village. He is admired by all the villagers for his just verdicts and actions towards the welfare of the villagers.
  • In my village, our family is highly respected. My grandmother does a lot of social work for the villagers.
  • There are multiple wells, handpumps and rivers in our village. People fetch water from these sources for daily use, irrigation, etc.
  • The people of my village are strongly bonded to each other. They celebrate their joys together and stand united in tough times.
  • Every person in my village is hard working. The farmers toil all day long on the field. The women take care of home chores and look after the elderly and children.
  • My village does not have tall buildings and glittering lights. But it has peace, warmth and a welcoming attitude. I love spending vacations in my village along with my parents and grandparents.  
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