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How to write a good essay Class 10 , Class 9 , Class 8

We learn a lot in our daily life. Academics prepares us to face the real world which is filled with challenges. We learn to write letters, essays, book reports, book reviews and more as part of our assignments. Though writing sounds easy, we run out of words, when we have to sit and write, especially essays, where we have lots of ideas to incorporate. Essays have a particular format which needs to be followed.
When we have to write about a topic, there are many ideas and information which crops up. We cannot put all these on paper, just the way it comes to our mind. Organizing the ideas in such a way that there is a smooth flow is the idea behind writing a good essay.

Every essay has 3 main parts, namely – introduction, body and the conclusion.

Introduction : An introduction opens the essay. It is a short paragraph of about 3-4 sentences which gives a brief introduction about the topic and what information you are going to cover in the topic, in particular.

Body This is the second part of your essay which can contain up to 2-3 paragraphs. Here, you will incorporate all the information that you would like to present in the essay for the reader. Organize the thoughts and put them such that there is a smooth flow of ideas.

Conclusion : This is the last paragraph of your essay, where you will summarize in 3-4 sentences about the topic which you have just written. This usually contains the same information as the introduction but in different words. They must not be the exact same wordings.
An essay is considered as a sandwich, wherein the introduction and the conclusion are the bread between which the body is filling in the center.
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