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Online Education Platform or Classroom Learning.What to prefer?

The education system prevailing in India can be diverse. We live in a nation where the general population considers education to be a ladder to the solutions for all economy or finance related problems. Hence there is a fierce competition regarding getting the best of education in India. With the increase in the demand for education, the school tried reaching out to students through various means. Some of which are online video teaching and classroom coaching. So let's learn about those how these systems differ from each other and what should you prefer.
Offline classroom education system
In general, this system is the oldest school system that is prevailing since the ancient times. Starting from gurukuls to today's universities, an offline way of imparting education has been the most preferred method till date.  In this, a student's physical presence in front of the mentor is a must. A student personally perceives, asks his/her queries, and follows the guide along with other students under one roof.
Likewise, you may require extra help from your instructors and teachers, which is readily accessible on grounds. Offline classes might be the best decision for those who appreciate connecting with professors and teachers face to face.
Online education system
This system is widely grabbing the market nowadays. Being highly flexible, it has been extensively used by various educational institutions. online educations require you to take your classes via the internet.  It provides you with the choice of attending the classes and sessions from the comfort of your home as well as to complete assignments at your convenience. This system is ideal for those individuals who lack a proper work schedule as well as is unable to take the classes in its original location. Also, online classes are considered to be cheaper than offline ones and save your travel expenses as well. Irrespective of a student's location, you can avail online education anywhere anytime, provided that you have a stable internet connection at home.
Coming to the preference, generally, India prefers an offline system of education over its online counterpart. The main reasons being:
  • You get to have direct contact with your guide. And this makes sure your doubts are effectively cleared
  • You get to learn in a tightly packed system. It's not only you but 20 others as well who would be learning the similar things with you. So you can share and work with each other. Learn new things
  • The availability of internet connection directs your learning. If there is no connection or slow connection you are either going to miss the session or get irritated with the bad quality of the video.
  • Through offline education system, timely assignments are expected. And this ensures that you are learning and progressing in the class. Online system provides you with the flexibility of completing your tasks which many due to various reasons do not prefer to finish on time
  • Lack of strictness and discipline in learning makes the online system a no-no for India. You need to take your education seriously and it is not an option. So proper strictness ensures better performance.
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Some specialization courses can be online, but transforming the general education system to online would certainly cause a great chaos in India. Therefore higher preference should be given to classroom coaching rather than the online education system.
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