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Things not to do during CBSE examinations

Ah! So finally after a full year of intense handwork and lots of taunts from relatives, you have prepared yourself for the upcoming CBSE board exam. No doubt, the pressure is immensely high, and I being one of the sufferers would surely say that 10th is no less than Gas chamber!  As the time for boards approaches, the fear of exams as well as the urge to do useless things increases as well. So if you are a class 10 student, and if you are under the weather of CBSE boards, then let’s have a quick discuss on how to keep away from “MOH-MAYA” at the peak time of the year.

  1. Throw away your inner Shakespeare for the time being
If you open your chemistry textbook and start thinking about Othello, harry potter, and the last page of the recent comic that you need to finish anyhow, then it’s time to throw away your  “Inner Shakespeare” who is constantly urging you to go and finish the book.  No doubt books are great companions for lonely hearts- but at this time of the year, you need to keep your lonely heart preoccupied with textbooks, rather than comics, novels, and storybooks in order to get a good CGPA.

  1. Videogames?- a strict NO-NO
We know that video game is the “Half-Girlfriend” of every teenage boy. But it’s time to discontinue your relationship with video games and mend the bonds with your textbooks or the results might just get offended.  So keep away from the rising urge to play and try focusing on exams instead.

  1. Porn can wait
Growing teens gather more needs than any other age group as a matter of fact. And their needs sometimes extend towards sexual attraction. But boards are not going to understand your sexual needs. So keep your hands in check and spend more time with physics and history. Savita Bhabhi can wait!

  1. Notes collection
The classic and only collection that every student has or starts having right before exams is the collection of notes. Your parents might think my son/daughter is so diligent-collecting notes of possibly every tutor, every teacher that might exist. But your brain is designed in a unique way to process one thing at a time. So instead of gathering all that is available, try getting one but strong notes from a good teacher.

  1. Too many discussions
Calling over your friends to have a study discussion is not the right thing to do right before the exam. You will end up having a good discussion on MS Dhoni his career and how the classic match between Manchester United and Arsenal ended with a bang- which is nowhere near your exam related topics. So concentrate on individual study and avoid group discussions a week or 2 prior to your boards.
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  1. Wasting money on buying things
The stress level is so high during the peak time of boards that students start buying boxes of pens, pencils, erasers, scales, etc which are of absolutely no need. All you need is a pen or two, a pencil, eraser, sharpener and scale. You certainly don’t want to enter an exam hall with a suitcase of stationeries. So avoid unnecessary expenditure.

  1. Stressing out beyond recovery
If you feel your preparation is way beneath average or if parents and relatives are constantly pissing you off to study, then stressing out is neither an option nor it will help you in any way.  Instead get your music on some motivational or devotional songs and gear up for a “Hard-core Preparation”.

Since students do get off their track while getting through this massive exam pressure, it’s solely a student’s duty to gather motivation for studying.  So shun your Game of Thrones and start studying as “Exams are coming” (pun intended).
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