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33 Tips To Crack BITSAT 2017

BITSAT stands for Birla Institute of Technology and Science Aptitude Test.

Tips To Clear BITSAT 2017:
Here are the most important BITSAT tips that will help you. 

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  1. Firstly, refer to the complete syllabus for BITSAT to begin your preparation accordingly.
  2. List out the top “Engineering” Colleges under BITSAT with their Branch wise CUT OFF and prepare according to it.
  3. Start with the topics that you are comfortable, so that you can make the most of these easy scoring section.
  4. Memorize all the formulas you study at once, remember speed of solving problem plays important role in BITSAT.
  5. As you complete old topics start revising it, till you are perfect in those topics.
  6. Concentrate more on the subjects that belong to “Engineering”, which includes Mathematics, Physics, English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning.
  7. Much of practice is required in Mathematics, where all the formulas should be at your tips. It is logically based problems, thus you are supposed to use brain and see to that time is spend according to problem, not to spend too much time.
  8. The most important in BITSAT tips is time management. Only those who are able to solve questions accurately and quickly are the ones who can crack BITSAT.
  9. Solve and practice mock test series, more you practice, you get to know where you are lacking behind, which will help you to increase your score.
  10. Start with the subject that you are competent with, mostly prefer English and Logical Reasoning, which turns extremely protective.
  11. Set a time for each question, spend only one minute per question in the beginning, not to waste much time on questions at the beginning.
  12. The BITSAT examination 2017 provides you with a negative ¼ marks for every wrong answer, hence do not answer without being confident about it.
  13. Plan a study routine in advance, give allotted time for each subject, and try avoiding jumbling of subjects which may create confusion, concentrate on each subject. Don’t disrupt your concentration and reduce result.
  14. Download sample questions from web and solve it, which gives an idea about topics and skills required.
  15. While practicing apply conventional methods, later start applying short cuts to improve your speed.
  16. Make a habit of noting of important points and formulas, which makes you feel easier while revising instead searching whole book again. This practice will even help you during your “Engineering” for writing down the important points.
  17. Practice regularly and each time see to that you increase your timing in solving problems.    
  18. It’s good to have tuition and coaching but one much practice harder to get into solving problems faster.
  19. Main three domains that carry equal weightage are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry plan a time table so that you cover all of these.
  20. Mathematics include topics like circles, straight lines, pairs of straight lines, vectors, continuity and differentiability, and theory of equations.
  21. Physics try covering heat and thermodynamics, Magnetic Effect of current and Magnetism, Wave Motion, Current Electricity, Simple Harmonic Motion, Electrostatics, Wave optics and fluids.
  22. Chemistry includes Chemical Bonding, Atomic Structure, p-block elements, carboxylic acid and its derivatives, Moles concepts, Biomolecules, Electrochemistry, chemical thermodynamics, and alkanes, alkenes and alkynes.
  23. Logical Reasoning includes figure formation and analysis, figure matrix, analogy test, numbers & alphabetical series test and logical deduction.
  24. English Proficiency includes synonyms and antonyms, sentence completion, one word substitution and rearrangement of Jumbled words.
  25. Prefer studying NCERT books which may cover almost every topics mentioned above.
  26. Referring more books may led to confusion, so it is advised to study one or two books and may refer other books for practicing numerical. 
  27. Begin with theory and later go to numerical, without attempting theory covering numerical is waste of time.
  28. Give morning hours to tough subject and evening hours to the once that are more competitive.
  29. Afternoon times are lazy so try attempting numerical during that time, thus it will avoid wastage of time.  
  30. Always cover important and easy once with less timing and spend more time on tough once.
  31. In place of trying to solve question completely, try to eliminate the options to derive the solution, where time gets saved and will be able to crack the BITSAT.
  32. Birla Institute of Technology and Science Aptitude Test not only looks the subject knowledge but also need language proficiency and aptitude, which is majorly important in Engineering” interviews.
  33. Last but not least have will power and positive thinking about yourself in cracking BITSAT, always remember hard work never goes waste.
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