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Class 11 - Computer Science - Sample Question Paper 1

Writing C++ programs is always a great feeling for those students who loves doing it but for those students who just took this subject only because his / her friend taking this subject in Class 11 ( Science) or some relatives referenced them to take this subject . Don't worry when you are here !
I will be updating lots of reference materials for them in our upcoming
posts so wait but for now I'm providing a sample paper that will help every student . 

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Time Allowed : 3 Hours                                       Maximum Marks : 70 

1. Answer the following questions :
   (a) What do you mean by a program ?                                
   (b) Name some popular operating systems.                       
   (c) Expand RAID.                                                                      
   (d) What are the units of memory ? How are they related to each other ?
2. Answer the following questions :
   (a) What do you mean by Decimal Number System ?
   (b) What do you mean by ASCII codes ?
   (c) Convert following hexadecimal number to its decimal equivalent :
             (i) . (9AC3)16
             (ii). (FA8)16 
   (d) How are data types used in c++  ?

3. Answer the following questions :
   (a) What do you mean by Paradigm ?
   (b) What is compiler and linker ?
   (c) what do you mean by type casting ? Explain with an example.
   (d) Write conditional operators to evalute the following function:
               (i) y=2.4x + 3 , for (x<=2)
               (ii) y=3x - 5 , for (x<=11)
   (e) Distinguish betwwen the following :
            (i) Symantec error and sematic error .
            (ii) Run time error and logical error .

4. Answer the following questions :
  (a) What will be the result of following expressions , if :
              (i) . a = 700                                     V = 300
              (ii). a = 800                                     V = 700
    C = a - (V) > 500 ? 150: 50 ;
  (b) Why main() function is special in C++ ?
  (c) What does 'return' statement do in a function ? Can a function have more than one return statement ?
(d) Find error if any in the following statements :
           (i) int code = three ;
           (ii) const int size ;
           (iii) size = 10
(e) What are the qualities and capabilities of a good algorithm ?

5. Answer the following questions :
   (a) What is a flow chart ?
   (b) Rewrite the following fragment using switch case loop :
   (e) Give the output of the following program :
                         int main()
                                      long number = 5572331 , res = 0;
                                        int digit = number % 10;
                                        result +=digit ;
  (d) What would be the object of the following code ? Justify your answer .
         f1( )
                  static int count = 5;
                    cout<<"count ="<<count--;
(e) List the four stages involved in program design . How program design and program efficiency are related to each other ?

6. Answer the following questions :
(a) Expand <conio.h>
(b) Name the header files to which the following functions belong : 
  1.  cos()
  2. setw()
  3. toupper()
  4. strepy()

(c) What is structure declaration and structure initialization ?
(d) Write a program to check if a string is palindrome or not ?

7. Answer the following questions :
(a) Which operator is used to access a structure element using a pointer ?
(b) What is the difference between these two statements ?
  1. int sum[10];
  2.  m[2]=10;
(c) Find out the syntax error(s) , if any in the following program :

void main()
int X[5], *Y,Z[5]
(d) Explain the common programming errors in C++ .
(e) Write a program to find the sum of two dimensional arrays A and B . 

Now its your turn to solve these questions . You must be thinking about the worth of these questions i mean the marks . Try to solve all these questions thinking about 1 marks questions , Trust me it may be sounding weird but try it . It gives something , by the way if you're having any odds or problems while solving these question . Then just hit the comment box below , i will help ASAP.
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