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Virtually True Class 10

'Virtually True' is a science fiction. The story is based on interactive psycho-driven games. One day Michael, the narrator of the story, read an article in the newspaper about "Miracle Recovery". It states, "A boy whose condition was critical but stable had been recovered from coma."Michael remembered that the boy who he had read in the news paper was none other than SEBASTIAN SHULTZ whom he met about weeks ago in the computer Games. 

Michael's father who was a fan of computers bought him a new computer from the computer fair in which latest technology Games were preloaded. When he played the games, he entered Sebastian's memory. In the first game named WILD WEST, Michael met a Second Sheriff whom he had to save, but the Second Sheriff got shot by the villains. Later On, he got a printout saying I 'm Sebastian Shultz try playing Dragon Quest. 

In Dragon Quest he should save the Princess Aurora and he had the help of the second knight whom he knew was Sebastian. Though later he was killed by the Dragon. Then the Printout came saying that play Jail Break give a last try. The narrator played again. This time his mission was to escape with the prisoner and he knew it was Sebastian. He was not successful. Later On, he played the game many times but the print out did not come. 

Then one day, the Printout said that Helicopter was a better choice, try playing War Zone. It further said that it would not bother him again if he was unable to save to save him. In the game Michael pulled Sebastian up into the helicopter which soared into the sky. This time the game was over and he succeeded. He checked his mail and found a message from Sebastian thanking him for saving his life. 

Michael releases that in an accident Sebastian head banged against the computer and he went into coma. The computer saved his memory and kept sending messages. The games were stolen when they were coming from hospital.
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