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Mrs Packletide's Tiger Class 10

Mrs. Packletide's Tiger is a humorous story. The author makes fun of almost all the characters. Mrs. Packletide is an important character who wanted to outshine Loona, a boastful lady. Loona had a joy- ride in an Algerian aviator. Mrs. Packletide was jealous of Loona's adventurous trip. She planned to kill a tiger to do something more exciting and adventurous than Loona. 

Mrs. Packletide offered a thousand rupees to villagers for arranging an Opportunity to shot a tiger without much risk or exertion. An old tiger that had given up hunting and confined himself to eating domestic animal was chosen for this purpose. They posted children at the outskirt of the jungle to keep a watch on the tiger in case he wanders off to new hunting grounds. Goats were scattered to keep him satisfied and to prevent him from straying. Mothers with babies walked quietly through the jungle so as to not o disturb its sleep. 

Miss Mebin was a paid companion was acquired in order to witness the shooting of the tiger. Mrs. Packletide did manage to shot an animal although it was only the goat. The tiger merely died of a heart-failure caused by the sound of the gun shot. Miss Mebin intended to blackmail Mrs. Packletide with this piece of information. 

Louisa Mebin blackmailed Mrs. Packletide into buying her the weekend cottage or else she would tell Loona Bimberton that it was not he tiger but a mere goat that Mrs. Packletide had shot. Finally, she buys a weekend cottage for Louisa Mebin to prevent her from telling anybody that it was not he tiger but a goat she had shot because the tiger merely died of a heart attack. The story ends with a note by Mrs. Packletide, "The incidental expenses are so heavy,"
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