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Top 6 Reasons You Should Switch To Linux Ubuntu

Linux is the most used Operating System in super computers, servers, embedded devices and mobile phones. The best thing about Linux is; it's Open Source. Anyone can modify and distribute it for commercial or non-commercial use. There are thousands of Linux distributions, also known as Distros available for free. But if you are living in India, you most probably will not like to work on a non-graphical interface. There are some friendly yet fully functional Linux Distros available. The one I've used and like the most is Ubuntu. So, today on Craxme I will tell you the top reasons, you should switch to Ubuntu.

Why You Should Switch To Ubuntu


  1. It is open-source : As said above, Ubuntu is open-source. You can use it for free whereas for other Operating Systems you have to pay money. You can also contribute to its development or you can simply modify it and publish under your name.
  2. Comes pre-equiped with drivers: After installing any Operating System, the first thing you do is: worry about the drivers. But in case of Ubuntu, you need not worry about any such matter. It comes pre-equiped with all the drives and utilities you need.
  3. A perfect place for Developers and Programmers: Linux is known for its Terminal. You can manage the whole Operating System from this terminal, giving it different commands. You can also run server softwares like Apache and Nginx for free. Moreover, there are tons of programming environments available for developing softwares.
  4. Available for all types of devices: Ubuntu is not just available for desktops, there are Mobile and Tablet editions aswell.
  5. No worry about pirated softwares: On any other Operating System, when you use a free cracked version of a premium software, you have to keep yourself safe from its updates and have to put off all its connections. But you don't have to worry about pirated softwares on Ubuntu, all the softwares are available for free.
  6. Quick bug fixes: On Windows and Mac, you have to wait for months to have a particular bug fixed in the next release, even after reporting it. But on Ubuntu as soon as a bug is reported, the team comes into action and the bug is fixed within days. There is an Update Manager where you can update your Ubuntu, at once and keep track of all your updates.


Linux Ubuntu is the best distro for you if you want to experience Linux for the first time. It is good for both techie and non-techie people.
You can download the latest version of Ubuntu from here. I will try to make a post about installing it.
If you want to add something to the list, just comment it below. Also let me know how my blog can be better.
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