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How to add the Recommended Threads popup in Discuz !

Hello Techies , Hope you all are doing great with your projects .
Today I'm going to explain the topic How to add Recommended Threads Popup In Discuz !

I think , if you are searching or reading this topic then you are already seen this feature in some of discuz forums . 

So Friends here is how to do it 

• Step 1 - Goto Admin Panel.
• Step 2 -  Click On 'Extensions' .
• Step 3 - Click On the navigation 'Hot Topics '.
• Step 4 - Add your Hot Threads .

After adding, u can manage it later by clicking manage under Hot topics. 

The default title of the pop up is 'Recommended by Webmaster'...You can change it in by going in 'Hot topics' after that menu 'settings'.

Hope Now you can add it easily , any problems comment down .We are happy to help you.
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