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Character sketch of Otto Frank

Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank is a fine example of good human being, a gentleman and a good father. He is highly intelligent, cultured, modest, kind, and well educated. He appears to be a very good businessman. He is caring, concerned, affectionate and loving father. Otto Frank is expert in planning things as he plans for his family's disappearance well in advance. Otto Frank is a pillar of strength for the group throughout the two years of their life in hiding. It is he who tutors the three teenagers in the secret annexe. It is he who tries to calm the other adults down when their tempers flare up and nerves frizzle. He is the only one who encourages and consoles Anne ( v.Imp ) . In fact, he has all the qualities of a good father. He is the saviour and confidant in the Annexe. He is the only member of annexe to survive after war. He devoted his rest life in promoting Anne's Diary.
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