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What is Python?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages of recent times. Like any other programming language, Python helps us to write various computer codes to obtain the desired output. The syntax of Python makes it easy for the beginners as well, to code any set of instructions.

For example, if you want to print “Hello!” on the computer screen, the command line for it in Python will be:


Such a simple command set and syntax make it easier to learn Python for kids. Easy readability is one of those features of Python, which has led to its immense popularity among coders. Also, the important concepts of Object-oriented programming can be demonstrated easily with Python programming for kids. Some other beneficial features of Python are listed below.

  • Built-in data structures.

  • Encourages Code reuse. 

  • Availability of an extensive standard library.

  • A super-fast edit-test-debug cycle.

Python emphasizes a simple programming approach that can be interpreted and understood without learning any complicated syntax. Also, as stated above, Python supports code reuse and modularity with the use of modules and packages. All these features of Python make it a cost-effective programming language. 

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