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National Science Day: Sir C V Raman, The Scientist, The Teacher, The Man


  • 28 February is celebrated as National Science Day in India.

    It was on this day in 1928 that Sir C V Raman’s experiments led to the discovery of what is now known as the “Raman effect”.

    On this occasion, we bring to you a profile of Raman from the 1976 archives of Swarajya.

Professor S R Govindarajan
Dr. (Sir) Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was a curious combination—a precise thinker, an incisive speaker, a relentless worker, an obstinate genius and above all, a perfectly human patron whose generosity oftentimes overcame his physical capability and whose intense sympathy not infrequently made him forget his own exalted status.

His numerous achievements in the fields of optics and acoustics, are too well-known to come in for a detailed delineation here and any reference to these will be made purely to preserve historical cogency. The account is meant much more to focus attention on Raman the great man, who, during his life time, was quite often, if not as frequently, misunderstood even as he was adulated and honoured.

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