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How to Pair Program with Peers


How to Pair Program with Peers

Step 1: Learn about Pair-Programming

We have compiled the best resources to get you prepared to pair-program here in this article. Check it out! No need to read it all at once; this information is intended for reference.

Step 2: Find Someone to Pair-Program with

Visit your cohort and reply to the thread asking if anyone else is available to find a time to pair with you. Alternatively, reply to someone else who is looking for a collaborator. Another option is to seek out a partner in the full-stack-engineer channel in Codecademy’s Discord server.

When you arrive, be sure to introduce yourself with the following information:

  • What % of the path you have completed
  • What timezone or country you’re in
  • One fun fact about yourself

Step 3: Meet with Your Partner

Coordinate to meet using tools like Codecademy’s Discord server or feel free to DM a member of your cohort directly from the thread.

Step 4: Find Something to Pair on

Select what you would like to work on together. We suggest the code challenges in JavaScript Practice: Classes article, which will help you to practice JavaScript syntax by implementing classes. Alternatively, solve a kata on CodeWars, find a challenge on FreeCodeCamp, or come up with your own personal project.


  • How will I remotely pair-program?

    There are options! Google Hangouts and Zoom both have good screen sharing features. Alternatively, you can create or join an existing Codecademy Chapter and have all the benefits of a Chapter to help you organize your peer group. If you want to invest in tools specific to pair programming, check out this list of 6 Tools for Remote Pair Programming.

  • What will we work on?

    We’ve made a few suggestions that align with where you are in the path. However, feel free to find your own code challenges or go over a personal project instead. Try searching CodeWars together for something interesting, or visit FreeCodeCamp for challenge ideas.

  • Do I have to do this?

    Nope! But the curriculum developers at Codecademy believe this is a strong pedagogical tool for cementing your learnings as a new developer.

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