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Difference between Point to Point Link and Star Topology Network

 1. Point to point link :

This is the kind of topology that relies upon two functions i.e. Transmit and Receive. It is a type of communication network between two communication nodes where there is one transmitter and on the other end, there is the receiver. It is a kind of communication medium which have two endpoints or end nodes. They provide high bandwidth with a dedicated communication connection between two systems.

2. Star topology :
It is that type of topology which contains a central node to which all of the other or different nodes are connected through a single path. In this topology, each and every host is connected to a central hub.

Difference between Point to Point Link and Star Topology Network :

Point to point linkStar topology
It grows in several ways.It helps in providing easy access for service.
This is the type of link which basically relies upon two functions only transmit and receive.Only one device is there for per connection.
Each station or nodes receives exactly from one transmitter.It is very reliable.
Each transmitter transmits to exactly one receiver.It has a centralized control for the problem diagnosis.
Both the transmit and receive operation can occur over separate wires.It has simple access protocols.
It is the type of high bandwidth network.It has a very long cable length network.
Very fast network topology as compared to the other network types.All of the dependency is there on the central node.
It is very simple and easy in connectivity.It is a high performing as there are no collisions on data.
Helps in providing low latency.It is very easy to detect faults and remove parts.
It is very easy to maintain and handle.It is more expensive than other network topologies.
Their nodes can be replaced within a seconds very easily.
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