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Difference Between Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization

 Pay Per Click(PPC): PPC is an internet marketing technique in which advertisers pay some amount to the website each time their advertisement gets clicked and the advertiser only pays for qualifying click. Google ads, Being, Yahoo ads based on Pay per click concept. PPC is the quickest method used for listed on the top pages of the search engine. It provides facility to target your audience in any country, region, or city, and with the use of PPC technique traffic get to turn into your website sometimes is also called CPC(Cost Per Click).

Search Engine Optimization(SEO): SEO is an on-site optimization technique that is used for the optimization of the website to increase the ranking of a website or webpages in web search engine result. It is the process of getting traffic from a free, organic, editorial, or a natural search result on the search engine. SEO helps search engine what each page is about and how it may useful by a user. In SEO we can use relevant Keywords, Title tags, image tags, and some basic coding of HTML.

Below is a table of differences between Pay Per Click(PPC) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

Pay Per ClickSearch Engine Optimization
In PPC you pay certain cost to get your ads on first page.In SEO you can optimize your website to get fist position on search engine only.
Traffic comes from PPC by click and you have to pay some amount.Traffic comes from SEO by organic visitors.
In PPC you can result early.In SEO you can not see the good result immediately.
PPC does not take too much time to create visitors.SEO takes long time to create visitors on the website.
PPC has low traffic and high conversion rate.SEO has high traffic and low conversion rate
In PPC you can use machine to make sale.Getting people improve your ranking.
PPC includes..
1.Ads group.
2.Ads copy.
3.Landing pages.
SEO includes..
2.Meta tags.
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