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Difference between External link and Internal link

 1. Internal Link :

Internal links are hyperlinks that direct the readers to a target page on your website. Internal link is a link from one page to another page on the same domain.

Example are website navigation.

Advantages of good internal link are :

  • Internal link improves usability through anchor text.
  • Internal linking improves page rank.
  • Internal linking boots page views.
  • Internal link decreases the bounce rate.
  • Internal linking improves the indexing of your site.

2. External Link :
External links are that which wants customers clicking on links that directs them away from your website. External links are sometimes called outbound links are an important part of search engine optimization.

Example of external link are, etc.

Advantages of good external linking are :

  • External link may helps the readers.
  • Good external link helps to improve the authority of your website.
  • Linking to outside website will not hurt your page rank .
  • External link is just like your giving some extra resources to read that.
  • External links are helps in enhancing credibility.

Difference between external link and internal link :

External linkInternal link
It is difficult to control.It is easy, fast and free to control.
It appears within the body text, in content.It appears in website navigation as well as in the content.
It passes SEO authority from other site to your site, increasing your “domain authority”.It passes SEO authority pages on your site, increasing the “page authority” of specific pages.
It has more value.It has less value.
It connecting your external pages.It connecting your internal pages.
Domain 1 A links to Domain 2 b.Domain 1 A links to B.
It improves the quality of web pages.It helps bots to find other web pages on your site.
It helps in increasing traffic to your website.It also helps in increasing traffic to your website.
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