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Difference between Difference Engine and Analytical Engine

1. Analytical Engine :
Analytical engine Is a fully controlled general-purpose computer which includes automatic mechanical digital computer into it. Any of the calculation set is being programmed with the help of punch cards. It also includes integrated memory and programs flow control and also ALU into it. It is the first general mechanical computer system were Any of the other finite calculations are being carried or performed by it.

2. Difference Engine :
The word difference engine is derived from the Latin method of divide difference. A difference engine is the type of automatic mechanical calculators that are designed or developed to calculate or tabulate the polynomial function. It can calculate in a way to tabulate the polynomial functions by using the small sets of coefficients.

Difference between Difference Engine and Analytical Engine :

Analytical EngineDifference Engine
It can do the 4 basic mathematical operation.It can only do one mathematical operation.
It can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.It can only perform the addition function.
It is a general-purpose computer system.It is a type of simple mechanical computer.
It is an intendedly controlled machine.It is created in a way to tabulate the mechanical functions.
It is a type of automatic mechanical digital computer.It includes the material expression of any indefinite function.
It can perform any calculation sets before it.It is performed to calculate the polynomial functions.
In this engine, it is not intended for tabulating the results for a particular functionIt is intended to tabulate the results of a particular function.
It contains the memory and storage which is equal to the CPU.It includes the other operations which are done by the addition operation.
The basic arithmetic operations in this are independent of each other.It can perform various calculations that the analytical engine can not perform.
It is slower in speed.It is faster in speed.
Analytical Engine is not been constructed because of its mechanical complexities.Difference Engines are constructed.
It is very heavily detailed and technical in nature.It is very impressive in nature.
It does not provide much overview of the designs general-purpose.It helps in solving the various types of complex problems.


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