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Difference between Debian and Arch

1. Debian :
It is a Linux kernel-based operating system for your computer which comes with a modular and generic installer. The developers’ community offers an appropriate guide for fixing errors if any and there is a suitable channel from fixing to importing the patch.

2. Arch :
It is a distribution of Linux for computer systems that have a processor configuration of x86-64. It follows KISS or Keep It Simple, Stupid principle and is mainly focused on simplicity, modernity, pragmatism, and versatility. It is simple and doesn’t add unnecessary adjustments or additions.

Difference between Debian and Arch :

S. No.DebianArch
1.It supports different processors.It supports only an x86-64 processor.
2.It lets you download Synaptic package manager.It does not let you download the Synaptic package manager.
3.During its installation, it installs some common packages also. During its installation, it does not install any other package apart from the base.
4.It does not rely on the KISS principle.It relies on the KISS principle.
5.Its structure is quite complex as compared to Arch.It offers a simple structure as compared to Debian.
6.A novice can start from Debian.Understanding its functioning takes time.
7.In this, the developer has to install header files as its not pre-included.It already includes header files.
8.Its stability is not good as compared to Arch.It offers high stability as compared to Debian.


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