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Difference between Database and Search Engine

 1. Database :

Database, as name suggests, is simply a way to tracking and organizing and therefore considered as important part of running business. It allows simplifying complex queries and include bulk information in organized manner that makes it easier for user to explore and locate relevant information.

2. Search Engine :
Search Engine, as name suggests, is simply a way that allows users to search for information on web and therefore are considered useful for finding information produced by governments, organizations, individuals, and groups. It simply eliminates need to find information manually and by performing searches at high speeds.

Difference between Database and Search Engine :


 Search Engine  

It refers to data structure that includes systematic collection of data.  It refers to software that allow users to search internet for content in its database.  
It is used for storing and taking care of data or information.  It is used to enable users to locate data or information in databases.  
It helps users to create, retrieve, sort and edit data as per their requirement.  It helps users by putting web pages it thinks user wants and are very useful to find information about anything quickly and easily.  
It can store and retrieve vast amount of structured data.  It can search unstructured text.  
It searches information in an organized collection. It is useful for finding information on groups and organizations.  
It is designed in back-end part.  It is designed in front-end to search data in database.  
Information is well organized and more reliable in databases.  Information is not organized and is not stable because locations and content changes continuously.  
It is not free and one has to pay some amount to use databases.  It is free to use search engine by anyone with computer access. 
Business uses database systems because they communicate information related to sales transactions, product inventory, customer profile and marketing activities.  Business use search engines for advertising purpose, for gathering information and data, staying up to date on news and keeping track of competition.  
Its main aim is to provide way to store and retrieve database information that is convenient and efficient.  Its main aim is to provide relevant set of high-quality search results that respond as quickly as possible to customer’s need.
It maintains data integrity, improve data security, backup and recovery, data consistency, reduce data redundancy, improve data access to users through use of host and query languages, etc.  Search engines are easy and quick to implement, help to raise brand awareness, attracts audience at right time, organize internet and individual websites, etc.  


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