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Difference between BISYNC and HDLC features


BISYNC stands for Binary Synchronous Communication. It is a half-duplex link protocol that replaces the SRT which stands for Synchronous transmit-receive.

HDLC stands for High-Level Data Link Control. It works on the data link layer of the OSI reference model. It supports both connection-oriented and connection less services.

Features of HDLC and BISYNC :

BISYNC FeaturesHDLC Features
It supports serial transmission.It also supports serial transmission.
Communication mode of BISYNC is synchronous.Communication mode of HDLC is both synchronous and asynchronous.
It uses TWA directional mode.It uses TWA and TWS directional mode.
It supports both point to point and point to multipoint configuration.It also supports both point to point and point to multipoint configuration.
It follows stop and wait flow control protocol.It follows sliding window flow control protocol.
To content errors it uses LRC/CRC method.To content errors it uses CRC method.
It uses SYN SYN frame identifier in framing.It uses Flag frame identifier in framing.
EBT/ETX frame delimiter in framing.Flag frame delimiter in framing.
Multiple bytes information field in framing.Multiple bits information field in framing.
For Framing transparency it follows DLE stuffing.For Framing transparency it follows ZERO stuffing.
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